Life | hey baby


I'd like to introduce you all to baby Aurelio. He was born three weeks ago and he's been busy turning our life upside down ever since.

But heck, we're totally besotted with this little guy.

I'll be posting a little less for a little while as I spend some time getting to know Aurelio. But I do have some exciting projects lined up, so don't wander too far.

Tutorial | diy piped cushion


diy piped cushion tutorial
Guys. I am officially in love with piping. 

I always thought it was a bit of a faff, but look at how much pop they give a humdrum pillow. Not crazy in-your-face colour, just a touch of hey-now-that's-nice. 

diy piped cushion tutorial
diy piped cushion tutorial
Ever since we knew we'd be bringing home a baby I've been on a major home decorating kick. I call it 'Operation Tidy Home'. 

And black and white geometric cushions with shots of colour have been high on my decorating priority list. 

diy piped cushion tutorial
But instead of shelling out a pretty penny for piped cushions I wanted to have a go at making my own - ramping up a simple envelop cushion with homemade piping.


diy piped cushion tutorial
I also love the main fabric - a remnant brought back from Vietnam by Scott's sister a few years ago. Doesn't look too shabby next to the turquoise linen piping.

Want to get the full details? Head on over to Tuts+ for the full how to.

Wearing | summer dress {diy pattern}


DIY summer dress pattern
This is the dress that almost never was. 

Inspired by my new love of pattern - I was looking to make something simple and fun for a wedding this past weekend. 

DIY summer dress pattern
I used the DIY dress pattern I made up last year and just altered it so that bump had lots of space. I also chose to fully line the dress in a soft cotton voile. 

Simple, right? What could possibly go wrong...

DIY summer dress pattern
DIY summer dress pattern
Well it turns out a whole lot can go wrong... when you give yourself a day or so to make a fully-lined dress. 

I ended up finishing the sleeves and hem in the car on the way to the wedding. 

Guys, sewing a hem in a moving car on country lanes, is sub-ideal. Fact.

DIY summer dress hand stitched hem
But I do love how it came out. Fully lining dresses in breathable cotton is 100% the way forward. And the slip-stitched hem didn't come out too badly.

Especially if you don't look too closely.

I'm particularly smitten with that little back detail and the hand-finished sleeves (all done in a rush either in the car or at the hotel).

DIY summer dress pattern
DIY summer dress pattern
DIY summer dress pattern slip stitched sleeves
Maybe time pressure is exactly what's needed to get the job done?

And just to leave you with my most favourite new thing (after this summery dress of joy) - my new Swedish Hasbeen sandals. I. Love. Them.     

Swedish Hasbeens natural hi

pattern | self drafted summer dress (tutorial)
fabric | light weight viscose from John Lewis Cambridge
lining | white voile from John Lewis Cambridge
shoes | braided high clogs from swedish hasbeens

Life | behind the scenes at john lewis sewing bee


Did you catch that ultimate shift dress I made last week sewn up in the floral print (of dreams)?

Well, I wanted to share a bit more from 'behind the scenes' of where I made it - at the sewing bee organised by the John Lewis department store to celebrate their 150th anniversary.

I guess it's not quite behind the scenes when you're sewing in the middle of the UK's biggest department store. But, look at all that sewing goodness.

And all those sweet sewing machines.

The aim was to use one of John Lewis' 150th anniversary cotton prints to create a vintage inspired dress in one day. No one quite manage to get there - though Rosin was pretty darn close.

But we did spend a lot of time talking (OK, I spent a lot of time talking). And we got to meet a lot of interested people who were curious to know what we were doing.

The lovely Lisa from Sew Over It acted as a very well-dressed host.

You can see the dresses slowly starting to take shape, but if you want some real eye candy you should check out the different blogs (links below).

Colour me ignorant, but I never knew there was a brilliant crowd of such amazing UK sewing ladies. All the ladies I met were so talented and such great sewing partners-in-crime. Where have I been hiding myself?

Here we all are on the roof top of the Oxford Street store (super amazing - do try and pop up there if you can).

Left to right: Freya (full of all the sewing knowledge) and Lisa from Sew Over It, Fiona, Clare, Charlie, Rosin, Amy and Emmie.

Photos by Brain Dohrety.

Thanks to John Lewis for organising such a great event. And to Lisa for being such a great hostess.

Wearing | ultimate floral shift dress


ultimate floral shift dress with John Lewis fabric
Maybe it's because I've been stuck in jersey mode for the past few months, but I am loving the lady-like vibes of this dress. 

This dress is all about sunny Saturdays, vintage picnic hampers and lazing about in grassy fields. Or maybe it's all about 60s rooftop cocktail parties. I can't decide.

But I do know I'm pretty smitten with it.

the ultimate floral shift dress with John Lewis fabric
I was lucky enough to make this on Saturday at a lovely sewing bee thrown by the John Lewis' department store to celebrate their 150 year anniversary. The fabric is a special edition cotton from John Lewis' 150 year anniversary collection

It's purple. And floral. What more could you ask for?

ultimate floral shift dress with John Lewis fabric
ultimate floral shift dress with John Lewis fabric
ultimate floral shift dress with John Lewis fabric
ultimate floral shift dress with John Lewis fabric
The pattern is Sew Over It's ultimate shift dress - cut to accommodate little bambino. And I couldn't help but throw in some pockets, just for good measure. It's where classy ladies would keep their lipstick.

More on the event and details on some incredibly awesome sewing bloggers coming later in the week. But in the meantime, I'd like to leave you with my new life motto: Life is too short to be a solid colour.

Agree? Disagree? Discuss ;)

Photos courtesy of the ever-lovely Michelle at MyCreative

pattern | ultimate shift dress by Sew Over It
fabric | John Lewis 150 anniversary