Wearing | the ultimate shorts


Hello happiness.

I've finally got round to finishing a sewing project (yay!) - a sweet pair of shorts made from Sew Over It's ultimate trouser pattern that Lisa kindly sent over. 

But wait, why I'm showing you shorts in September? Well, I started these in June (when it was a heat wave) but newborn + sewing don't go together that well (shocking, I know).

I would show you a photo of me wearing said beauties (correct me if I'm wrong), but

a) it's too cold for shorts, and
b) I don't think any of you want to see my post-pregnancy wobble

I used a royal blue polyester that was sent to me by accident (instead of the jersey I ordered). I'll be honest - it's not the softest of fabrics, but it should produce some pretty long-wearing shorts. Plus I can perfect my 70s vibe better in polyester.

I wasn't keen on using the polyester for the facing, so I used a bit of this gorgeous cotton lawn from Miss Matatabi on Etsy. I love the subtle kitty print. 

OK, maybe it's not so subtle. Some of the cat heads even have faces. Too much?

I hand-picked the zipper which is now my new favourite way of adding a zipper. True story.

All a hand-picked zipper needs is a bit of hand sewing (this tutorial for hand-picked zippers was useful) and 10 minutes. And it comes out beautifully neat. Much better, neater (and possibly quicker?) than my old way of adding zippers.

I am converted now.

Hand-picked zippers 4eva.

pattern | Sew Over It's Ultimate Trousers 
fabric | polyester via ebay
facing | printed lawn from Miss Matatabi

Sewing | how to use vintage patterns like a pro


Vintage sewing patterns are awesome (in fact, I shared my rambling collection of vintage sewing patterns with you a little while ago). 

But working with vintage patterns isn't exactly a walk in the park. The sizing's totally off today's standards. And sometimes they even come without pattern markings. Where's a sewer to start? 

Well, here actually. I've gathered together my top 3 links to help you troubleshoot some of the most common problems that might crop up. 

You'll be working with vintage patterns like a pro star in no time. 

And guys, if you have any tips of your own don't be shy. Shout out in the comments. I'm well keen to get stuck into some of my vintage patterns and would love any extra tips or tricks.

Check It Out | birth announcement with tiny prints


I've got to confess. I'm a bit of a sucker for snail mail. It's pretty great when you get something other than bills and junk mail through the door, right? 

So, this year, I've been really trying to be better at sending cards and little packages to people. Postcards to say thank you. Or little gifts. They cheer up even the dreariest of Mondays.

With this new love of snail mail it's probably no shock that I was totally keen to send out announcement cards to celebrate the arrival of our little Aurelio. 

I went with this sweet card from Tiny Prints. Look at all that pretty.

I went with this simple design, washed down with a healthy dose of DIY in the form of a printed baby grow that I decorated myself (you can get the how to here).

A nice little nod to Aurelio's Italian roots I think. You can almost hear him saying 'ciao bella'. That little charmer.

And look at the text - he is the best present ever. Especially when he's napping ;)

The cards came out great and we can't wait to start posting away. Definitely a nice reason to get some stamps!

These cards were kindly gifted by Tiny Prints. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

Tutorial | 3 super easy restyles


Ever get your hands on some sweet piece of clothing, only to despair that it doesn't quite fit? Maybe I'm just unlucky, but it happens to me all the time. And you know what, it sucks.

Well life's too short to live in baggy skirts, super loose tops and decidedly unfunky jeans, so I wanted to share some past restyling posts that were revamped a little while ago.


Restyling clothes - a snip here, and new seam there - is such an easy win and great if you found something that just needs a little tweaking to be perfect.


It's also great for beginners because the techniques aren't really complicated at all. Like this t-shirt refashion - it's all straight lines. Score.

So, have you ever tried to restyle something? Do you agree that life's too short to live in ill-fitting clothes or do you think life's too short to worry about getting clothes to fit?

Be great to hear what you think.

Happy restyling!

p.s. If you're keen to see more posts on restyling check out the restyle tag at the end of this post. There's loads of goodies there - particularly from my (slightly cringe worthy) early days of blogging. Enjoy!

Sewing | collecting vintage patterns


OK so I have a confession. 

I have an slight obsession with vintage patterns. I mean I'm a sucker for vintage anyway, but I REALLY love vintage patterns.

Today I wanted to share my collection and where I find the patterns. Then next week I want to highlight some of the best tips I've learnt for using vintage patterns. A one stop shop of vintage pattern love if you will.

collecting vintage sewing patterns
And can you blame me for loving them so?

The patterns (like this amazing pair of overalls from the 70s). Are. Awesome. Plus the paper is lush. And the instructions are such a joy to follow. 

collecting vintage sewing patterns
And hey, these patterns don't just sit there looking pretty. 

I've made this 60s skirt a few times (in floral stretch cotton and black lace with a staggered hem). It's my absolute favourite. No adjustments needed - just a solid A-line shape with a tab back zipper (a nice little touch if you ask me).

collecting vintage sewing patterns
I've got quite the collection building. It's amazing how easy it is to pick them up from charity shops.

I found this super old pattern in the charity shop at the end of my road for 20p. I have no idea how old it is (any ideas?) - the markings are cut out of the paper rather than printed on it. 

collecting vintage sewing patterns
Some I've ever pilfered from my mamma's collection. Like this one above of some righteous vintage flares. 

Shhh... don't tell. 

collecting vintage sewing patterns
I was glad to see that I'm not the only vintage pattern addict.

Turns out Tilly from Tilly and the buttons has quite the collection too. She's got whole posts on her 60s and 70s patterns. Mucho jealous. 

So have you ever tried sewing with vintage patterns and do you have any vintage patterns squirrelled away? Or maybe your now tempted to try? As always - I love to read your comments.