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Marilla Walker maya top
So, it turns out I totally cave under peer pressure.

This here has become one of my favourite makes from me-made May.

Not bad, right?

Marilla Walker maya top
But, if you follow along on Instagram, you'll know I wasn't always quite so sure. Heck, at the start I was 50% sure I would be sending this to a charity shop.

So, what happened to change my mind? 

Well, I posted this to Instagram as part of my me-made-May challenge. I was practically minutes away from sending it away. 

But then, people started saying lovely things. Really kind things.

And then all those things that bothered me at the start (the large buttons, the shoulder pleats) started looking OK.

And then they started looking even better than OK. They started looking pretty awesome.

I love the way that's happened. And now, this is one of my favourite summery tops (seen here in sunny Lisbon).

Marilla Walker maya top

Marilla Walker maya top
Thank you lovely people of Instagram.

Has that ever happened to you - about to throw something on the 'to donate' pile, and then had your mind changed?

Travel | Lisbon


Lisbon travel blogging
So we escaped again. This time to Lisbon.

I don't know about you, but I'm a warm weather person. All this chilly business we've been having this spring and summer here in the UK? Well, that just isn't acceptable I'm afraid.

And so we decided to get away. Somewhere hot and beautiful. Somewhere new (to us).

Lisbon travel blogging
To be honest, it didn't take long for us to decide on sunny, tile-filled Lisbon.

Lisbon travel blogging
And man, was I sure excited about breaking out some of my more recent summery makes. Makes that have been quietly pinning away waiting for summer. Yup, those babies went straight into the suitcase.

So, read on for gratuitous photos. Oh, and to hear some of the (Lisbon and me-made) highlights. Of course ;)

Lisbon travel blogging

How to sew the ultimate relaxed trousers


true bias hudson trousers guide to making woven
I've got to be honest. I am boring. Once I find a pattern I love, I tend to stick to it. Stick to it hard.

At the moment, these relaxed fit, elastic waisted, tapered trousers are hitting all the right buttons. And what's not to love - super comfortable, quick to sew up, and surprisingly flattering. Winner winner, chicken dinner.

true bias woven hudson pants how to
They are the ultimate casual trouser and perfect for summer.

I've made 3 versions so far (in crepe, cupro, and viscose) and I get a truck load of compliments on them. I also get a lot of questions about how I've made them.

So, because sharing is caring, I thought I'd share with you all the tips and tricks I've learned along the way.

Then you can go ahead and make your own awesome pair. And then obviously come back here and tell me all about how you got on.

Handmade Wardrobe | ella tank


Ella tank Liola Patterns Indiesew
Guys, can I be honest? I love summer. That time of the year when breezy summer dresses, simple tank tops, and cool shorts zoom straight to the top of my to-make list.

So of course, I've been silently stalking patterns for a while now. 

I had a few patterns in my mind, and then Allie came along with her summer collection and, hello Ella tank. Please step into my life.

Ella tank Liola Patterns Indiesew
I was really taken with the shape - fitted at the top with just the right amount of flare at the hem. 

And all the details that elevate it from just an average, basic boring tank - like the bust darts, the racer back, the yoke and small pleat in the back.

Ella tank Liola Patterns Indiesew
This came together super quick (always so satisfying, right?) 

And I especially like all the attention to the finishing in the pattern and instructions - French seams, binding - not a raw edge in sight. Sweet.

Ella tank Liola Patterns Indiesew
In fact this was such a success that I already completed Ella number 2. Slightly modified (read more on all those shenanigans below).

Have you tried any good tank patterns lately? What about Grainline's tiny pocket tank or the Wiksten tank? 

Outfit details
tanks | handmade Liola Patterns ella tank by c/o Indiesew
jeans | h&m
shoes | swedish hasbeens
necklace | vintage

This pattern was kindly provided by Indiesew for being part of their blogger team. All thoughts and opinions are my own. Cause that's just how I roll. 

Me-Made-May 2015 | week four


me made may 2015
So how did the final week of Me-Made May go? Read on to find out more...

me made may 2015 liola ella tank
Day 21
Me Made: Ella tank (to be blogged soon)
Other: gap jeans
Comments: my newest pattern love from Liola patterns. This is such a perfect wardrobe builder. Great shape. Nice construction details, like French seams and self binding. And quick to make too. Now just waiting for warmer weather so I can wear a whole bucket load.

me made may 2015 true bias hudson pants deer and doe plantain
Day 22
Me Made: Hudson pants and plantain 
Comments: Yup. I went there. I made another pair of Hudsons. These are so comfortable it's even better than wearing pyjamas. No lie. Now if only I can work out how to style them without looking like an Eastern European body builder from the 80s. Send help. Fast!

Grainline Studio moss skirt Me Made May 2015

Day 23
Me Made: moss skirt
Other: h&m T-shirt, j crew chambray shirt (unseen)
Comments: my mission today was to get some sun to my legs so they don't blind people when we head to Lisbon in a few weeks. Not too many skirts (or shorts) in my collection so pulled these our. Not very spring-y, but I do love how this skirt looks on.

me made may 2015 marilla walker maya top
Day 24
Me Made: Maya top
Other: gap jeans
Comments: I've been wearing this to for work so much I forgot how nice it is to wear over jeans for casual fun-brunch time with friends. Sweet. Now 100% sold on this make and keen to make some more.

me made may 2015 deer and doe plantain
Day 25
Me Made: plantain
Other: h&m trousers
Comments: the aim was to try and sneak a plantain to work and I think I did it. I'm still bummed about the word neckband on this (I raised the neckline but didn't shorten the neckband, so the neckband sits weird) so may have to redo. It's driving me crazy!

me made may 2015 DIY leggings deer and doe plantain
Day 26
Me Made: (another) plantain and DIY leggings
Comments: Classic Me-Made-May outfit right here. Hey, if it ain't broke, right?

inari tee dress named clothing me made may 2015
Day 27
Me Made: denim inari dress
Comments: I love this dress, and from all your positive reactions on Instagram, you guys are big fans too. The formula is simple: denim + inari. Now go and make your own already. You won't be disappointed :)

me made may 2015 liola pattern ella tank
Day 28
Me Made: (another) Ella tank (soon to be blogged)
Other: gap jeans
Comments: The eagle-eyed among you will notice this is made from the same fabric as my latest Hudsons. I have a cunning plan for them both which I hope you'll think is pretty nifty. In the meantime I'm breaking this in with my trusty jeans.

So, what have I learned? Well, my handmade wardrobe is pretty wearable. I mean, all the tops and bottoms work well and are pretty mix and matchable. Heck, I was even able to stick with my challenge and wear something me-made everyday. Woop woop. Win for me.

But... I'm also thinking that I may play it a bit too safe with all my solid colours and monochromatic patterns. Looking at all my made-makes together I am worried they look a bit bland. I do wear them a lot though. Oh man, does that mean I'm bland?

One fun thing has been to plan my next makes, thinking through the pieces that are missing and what patterns and fabrics I should use next.

At the end of Me-Made May, here's some of my thinking:

Skirts: I've realised I don't have many fun, casual skirts in my wardrobe. This is a definite deficit in my handmade wardrobe. I've already started cutting out a button down midi skirt from a vintage pattern. 

Dresses: I totally need more dresses in my wardrobe. And another Inari has to happen. Because that pattern. Is. Just. Amazing. 

Bottoms: Jeans. These are going to happen people. I've got the fabric. And the pattern. Now jist to build up the courage...

So are you glad to see the back of Me-Made May? Have you learned anything about handmade wardrobe?

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