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Sew Caroline Happy Home Art Gallery Fabrics Casual Sweet Clothes trousers
I know.

I have a problem.

I am addicted to sewing casual, slouchy trousers.

Sew Caroline Happy Home Art Gallery Fabrics Casual Sweet Clothes trousers
But guys, these beauties had to be made. They are almost 100% close to my ultimate dream pair of summer trousers: tapered in the leg with a relaxed fit, topped off with an elasticated waist all made up in a breezy, modestly jazzy fabric.

And this pair has belt loops. Belt loops (more on those and other juicy details at the end of the post).

Sew Caroline Happy Home Art Gallery Fabrics Casual Sweet Clothes trousers
I was very kindly gifted this fabric from Art Gallery Fabrics. It's from a collection they recently released designed by possibly the sweetest looking sewing blogger - Sew Caroline.

I'll be honest, I was worried the fabric weight wouldn't be quite right for the relaxed trouser style I was going for. But man, was I wrong. 

Sew Caroline Happy Home Art Gallery Fabrics Casual Sweet Clothes trousers
And now this fabric has totally made me rethink my feelings about 100% cotton for clothing. I'm all in now.

The pattern's pretty interesting too. It's from the Japanese pattern book Casual Sweet Clothes which a friend at work recommended. I've not tried pattern books before, but I think I may be becoming a bit of a fan.

Sew Caroline Happy Home Art Gallery Fabrics Casual Sweet Clothes trousers
These still need some work. The excess fabric in the hips and around the side seams is definitely bumming me out. But I reckon an hour with some pins and the sewing machine will sort out most of the issues.

So, what do you think? Have you been making any fab trousers for summer? Have you been tempted to sew with 100% cotton lately?

The great Instagram stash swap


instagram stash swap

Alright guys. Let's do it. Let's have a stash swap.

And let's do it via Instagram.

Crazy idea? Possibly. But think about it - it's probably pretty likely that all of us have some hidden gems lurking at the back of our fabric cupboards. Why not try and make the most of it?

So the details...

The swap will start on the 27 th of July and run for two weeks - or until everyone's swapped their fabric. That gives you two weeks to short through your stash and take photos.

How to take part

1. Sort through your stash. Try and be honest - will you actually ever use that fabric, or could it go to a better home somewhere else?

2. Take photos of your stash. Make sure there's good, natural light so the colours are accurate. And try not to squeeze too many fabrics into the photo. Maybe have a max of 3 fabrics per photo.

3. Gather some key details. You're going to want to include key details in the description so that people get an idea of what's on offer. Be sure to include the length and width, the material content (or your best guesstimate), and drape quality (like medium, light, heavy).

4. Decide where you can ship to. We all know shipping can get expensive, so have a think if you'd be willing to ship internationally, or if you'd find it easier to stick closer to home.

5. Get swapping. Start posting your photos on the 27th of July and be sure to tag with #InstaStashSwap.

instagram stash swap

How to swap

So I reckon the easiest way to do this would be for people to search through the #InstaStashSwap tag and see what goodies people have on offer. Once you've found something you like then contact the person via direct message to see if they'd be keen for a swap.

And that's it.

The Instagram stash swap had landed. Do you think you'll be taking part?

Handmade Wardrobe | maya top


Marilla Walker maya top
So, it turns out I totally cave under peer pressure.

This here has become one of my favourite makes from me-made May.

Not bad, right?

Marilla Walker maya top
But, if you follow along on Instagram, you'll know I wasn't always quite so sure. Heck, at the start I was 50% sure I would be sending this to a charity shop.

So, what happened to change my mind? 

Well, I posted this to Instagram as part of my me-made-May challenge. I was practically minutes away from sending it away. 

But then, people started saying lovely things. Really kind things.

And then all those things that bothered me at the start (the large buttons, the shoulder pleats) started looking OK.

And then they started looking even better than OK. They started looking pretty awesome.

I love the way that's happened. And now, this is one of my favourite summery tops (seen here in sunny Lisbon).

Marilla Walker maya top

Marilla Walker maya top
Thank you lovely people of Instagram.

Has that ever happened to you - about to throw something on the 'to donate' pile, and then had your mind changed?

Travel | Lisbon


Lisbon travel blogging
So we escaped again. This time to Lisbon.

I don't know about you, but I'm a warm weather person. All this chilly business we've been having this spring and summer here in the UK? Well, that just isn't acceptable I'm afraid.

And so we decided to get away. Somewhere hot and beautiful. Somewhere new (to us).

Lisbon travel blogging
To be honest, it didn't take long for us to decide on sunny, tile-filled Lisbon.

Lisbon travel blogging
And man, was I sure excited about breaking out some of my more recent summery makes. Makes that have been quietly pinning away waiting for summer. Yup, those babies went straight into the suitcase.

So, read on for gratuitous photos. Oh, and to hear some of the (Lisbon and me-made) highlights. Of course ;)

Lisbon travel blogging

How to Sew | the ultimate relaxed trousers


true bias hudson trousers guide to making woven
I've got to be honest. I am boring. Once I find a pattern I love, I tend to stick to it. Stick to it hard.

At the moment, these relaxed fit, elastic waisted, tapered trousers are hitting all the right buttons. And what's not to love - super comfortable, quick to sew up, and surprisingly flattering. Winner winner, chicken dinner.

true bias woven hudson pants how to
They are the ultimate casual trouser and perfect for summer.

I've made 3 versions so far (in crepe, cupro, and viscose) and I get a truck load of compliments on them. I also get a lot of questions about how I've made them.

So, because sharing is caring, I thought I'd share with you all the tips and tricks I've learned along the way.

Then you can go ahead and make your own awesome pair. And then obviously come back here and tell me all about how you got on.


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