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Hey June Biscayne blouse
I love casual shirts - the kind with soft tailoring, minimal buttons, ones that could easily escape from the office and be worn out on the weekend.

So, it was pretty much a sure bet that I was going to love the Biscayne Blouse pattern by Hey June.

I've got a real crush on this pattern. It's got some great little details - gathers at the back and shoulders, a hidden button placket (which is actually less terrifying to sew than it sounds), welt or patch pocket options.

Hey June Biscayne blouse
But, well, you might notice that this little shirt doesn't exactly scream A/W wear. It's one of those projects that was on my to-sew list all summer, but I never actually got around to sewing it. And even though it's pretty chilly round these parts, I couldn't quite get the hidden button placket and welt pockets out of my mind. 

So, when I was cruising for a break from my first attempts at sewing jeans this nice project popped into my head. I grabbed some rayon from my stash (picked up from the Textile Centre on ebay) and set to work.

Hey June Biscayne blouse
Sure it's not exactly winter wear, but heck, at least I crossed something off my sewing list. Does that ever happen to you?

It actually came together really well, which surprised me a little since there are so many pieces and that hidden button placket. I was expecting all sorts of trouble. But really, I didn't use my seam ripper once, which let's be honest, with my current track record that's pretty amazing.

You can bet with a few tweaks (details below) this pattern is going to be top of my summer sewing plans.

Hey June Biscayne blouse
I only ever share products and people I think you'll like as much as I do (because sharing is caring). The pattern for this make was kindly provided by Indiesew (they're nice like that). All thoughts and opinions are 100% my own. 

Handmade Wardrobe | knit ultimate shift dress (and a GIVEAWAY - woohoo)


sew over it ultimate shift dress using knit fabric
Guys, I am in love with this shape and fabric combination. It's a pretty sassy shift (always a winner) but... and here's the best part.... it's made in a sweatshirt knit fabric. Hello!

It's like the dress equivalent of business Uggs. Could that even be a thing? 

Whatever, I'm sold.

sew over it ultimate shift dress using knit fabric
This is actually my second time making this dress - a knit Sew Over It ultimate shift dress. The first was made up in some cheapo knit which piled immediately. Literally on its first wearing. Sad.

So that went unblogged. But I couldn't get the idea of the dress out of my mind. I even started canvassing for knit suppliers on Instagram.

sew over it ultimate shift dress using knit fabric
After some dedicated fabric stalking, I found this buttery sweatshirt knit from Girl Charlee UK. For a sweatshirt knit, it's got a pretty awesome drape, don't you think? 

Well, people at work really love it - I've been getting loads of compliments on it (though I immediately ruin my professional street cred by gushing that it's really a sweatshirt in disguise). 

sew over it ultimate shift dress using knit fabric
I made a few changes to adjust the pattern for knits (details below) but everything came together really quickly. Sweet.

And because sharing is caring, the lovely people at Girl Charlee UK are offering one lucky Randomly Happy reader 2m of any fabric of their choice. Nice one, eh? There's a few ways to enter but it's open to one and all (yup, international readers can hop on board).

Can't wait? Well, use code HAPPY15 for 15% until Wednesday November 18th. 

PS for more knit goodness you can spot a stripy inari tee, also made up using some delicious Girl Charlee UK French terry.

The fabric for this make was kindly provided by Girl Charlee UK (because they're nice like that). All thoughts and opinions are 100% my own. Fact. 

Handmade Wardrobe | sweater knit hemlock tee


Grainline Studio hemlock tee
It's a fact. When the going gets tough, the tough make mustard hemlock tees.

As you can guess, my sewing mojo has been taking a battering lately. I've been making a pair of jeans - my first ever - and they've been a lot more challenging than I thought. A 'let's play how many times I can mess up the pockets' kind of challenging. Sigh.
So I really needed a quick and easy pattern to give me a win while the jeans and I are on a trial separation.
Grainline Studio hemlock tee
And what a great pattern for reviving frayed nerves, eh? I've made a hemlock before, so I kinda already knew she'd be gentle on me.
This time I slimmed the pattern down and shortened it (details below for those wanting the full spec). The resulting fit is exactly what I was looking for - slouchy without swamping me. Score.
 Grainline Studio hemlock tee
This little side project had reminded me how great the drafting is on the Hemlock. I'm definitely tempted to use the hemlock as a base for a few other sweaters and such. 
So, that's me lately. Failed jean pockets but solid mustard sweaters. Have you been working anything that's been sapping or reviving your sewing mojo?

Currently | november edition


Maybe it's the nosey gal in me, but I really love getting lost following people's recommendations for TV shows, podcasts, reading, and random other what nots from the internet.

So, with that in mind I thought it might be nice to start a new series where I share snippets of things that are floating my boat. Basically things that I'm telling my real life posse to get on board with. 

Things I think you might like too.

Do stop me if it's tedious.

OK so enough preamble. Here we go...


I've gotten into podcasts in a GIANT way recently. I love listening to them before I go to sleep or on the train. Some of my major favourites at the moment:

This American Life - short documentaries on everyday life, mostly based in the states.

Limetown - it's like the team behind Serial got together with the script writers from the X Files. Spooky stuff.

Seamwork Radio - interviews with really interesting people who dig sewing. Obviously a top favourite ;)


We're trying to be healthier now that bambino eats what we eat, so the Be Nourished blog is becoming a favourite read. It's a fast track to all things tasty and healthy.

To be fair, podcasts have kinda taken the book reading space in my life. Buuut... When I get the chance, I have been reading Freedom by Jonathan Franzen. So far, so good.


The Last Kingdom's been on tv and I've got to say it's making for some pretty decent watching. It's like Game of Thrones. But less rape-y.

I finally found a local supply of tined pumpkin puree. Result: lots of happy dancing and pumpkin pie making.

I've been thinking of a Christmas present I can make for the bambino. I made him a toddler-sized teepee for his birthday (to be blogged soon) and a bowtie last year. But I'm really quite stumped. Maybe a jumper, or some (driving) moccasins? Hmm...

Have your own recommendations to share, or maybe you think there's no place for non-sewing related malarkey on this blog? Whatever it is let's be hearing from ya.

Slow fashion October


slow fashion October
Have you guys heard of slow fashion October? I'm a bit late to the game. To be honest, I didn't even know it was a thing until I read about it over on Katie's blog. But it sure does sound intriguing.

The concept is pretty simple: it's all about thoughtful makes. Focusing your creative efforts on quality over quantity. Crafting those makes with real care.

While I do love fast makes (and let's be honest with a bambino around if you don't sew fast, you don't sew at all) there's something really satisfying about making something with care.

named clothing Jamie jeans
Jamie Jeans | Named Clothing

So my own personal challenge for October? Well, it's a bit underwhelming, but I'm planning on making my first pair of jeans (using this pattern). I've wanted to make jeans for a-g-e-s and I think going through the process slowly will really help me solidly learn some new skills, not just race through to get that finished garment high.

Let's see if I can do it. I'm not known as a patient sewer!

What about you? Are you taking part in Slow Fashion October, or have you got other challenges you're focusing on?

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