DIY Inspiration | 5 killer tips to building a more meaningful wardrobe


Last week I told you about how I've been working towards building a better capsule wardrobe. Full of clothes that look awesome and make me happy (you can read the post here).

I promised you some juicy details on how you can create a more meaningful wardrobe and here they are:

5 killer tips to building a more meaningful wardrobe.

1. Find your style.

Sarai over at Colette Patterns first got me started on the idea of creating a more meaningful wardrobe - she has a whole wardrobe architect on how to find your own style.

It's a bit involved (the course is 14 weeks long) but it really helped me narrow down my favourites to a few key looks - basically chambray + skinny jeans :)

2. Be realistic.

Now, I love me a good pencil skirt (like the one I made here). But if I'm being honest, I'm not going to get much wear out of pencil skirts right now what with running after our bambino.

So I need to be much more realistic about what I will honestly wear. Mandi over at Making Nice in the Midwest has a great post on being realistic about personal style.

3. Do your research.

All good creative adventures start with collecting ideas, right? Well a wardrobe is no different. You want to gather as many ideas as possible (you can always whittle them down later).

Grab anything that sparks your interest and make a note of it. Use Pinterest and newspapers for inspiration.

Doing your research and collecting ideas can help you refine your favourite clothing and looks. Pinterest is obviously a great way of storing your ideas (here's my Pinterest board - if you're feeling nosey).

4. Have a clear out.  

You can't have a meaningful wardrobe if your closet is full of ill-fitting clothes that are well past their sell-by-date. So you need to have a clear out and be brutal. 

You know the drill - get rid of anything that you haven't worn for ages or that doesn't quite fit with your style (we all have those impulse buys that sit in our closet and.

Into Mind (a brilliant website by the way) has a great closet detox cheat sheet

5. Make a list.

I am the WORST at impulse buying. I can convince myself that I really need that neon cat print shirt. It will go with everything, right? Well, no.

So to re-populate my wardrobe with meaningful pieces I've been using Google Docs to create a list of a few key pieces that I need. It helps me keep on track. You could easily use a good old fashioned list on paper or recorded in your phone.

Because I want to make quite a few of my own clothes I also made a list of patterns and fabrics.

And that's it! Now go forth and build a more meaningful wardrobe.

And be sure to share your journey with us all here in the comments section by linking to your blogs/feeds/accounts. 

Check It Out | a sewing machine giveaway


win a free Brother sewing machine with Hobbycraft
The first step to having a meaningful wardrobe is making sure what you have fits. 'Cause no one wants to be fussing with jeans that are too long or wonky zips, am I right?

I've found having a sewing machine has been totally invaluable for odd jobs like hemming trousers that are too long, simple jean makeovers or getting a better fitting t-shirt.

And now thanks to the very lovely people at Hobbycraft I have a Brother sewing machine to give away - so now you can be on your way to a more meaningful wardrobe. 

win a free Brother sewing machine with Hobbycraft
It's a trooper that's perfect for anyone who wants a handy little machine, great for those odd repair jobs or for a quick project. You can take a closer look at it here. Sweet, eh?

If you fancy a new machine, all you need to do is enter via Rafflecopter below. 

This giveaway closes on October the 31st at midnight (oooo spokey) and is open to anyone, but the machine can only be delivered to a UK address.

Good luck lovelies!

This giveaway is open to international readers, but the prize can only be delivered to a UK address. Please bear that in mind when entering - we don't want no disappointments!

DIY Inspiration | how to create a meaningful wardrobe


how to create a meaningful wardrobe, wardrobe architect
Working out what to wear can be difficult, right?

Sometimes you can just find yourself looking at your wardrobe and the clothes you have just don't seem to cut it. It's nothing but a sea of blah.

A month or so ago I was looking at my wardrobe and not feeling terribly inspired.

I just felt like my old clothes just weren't making me get happy about getting dressed. Do you know the feeling?

I was tired of feeling like a blob of potatoes so I started to look into creating a more meaningful wardrobe. One that was only full of favourites. That made me happy. That looked awesome. And was as handmade as possible.

Because sharing is caring, over the next two weeks I'll be hooking you up with some of the best resources out there that will help you create a meaningful, capsule wardrobe.

Because life's too short not to have clothes that make you happy.

Oh, and guys, you should totally check back tomorrow for an exciting announcement.

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title: Smitten Studio | bottom: A Beautiful Mess

Check It Out | 3 best instagrammers to follow for sewing inspiration


Sewing inspiration on instagram
I don't know about you, but know I sometimes spend w-a-y too much time scrolling through my Instagram feed. And by sometimes I mean all the time.

In my defence - it's pretty hard not to be distracted by all the prettiness. Heck, you could even say it's research for future projects.

So, since sharing is caring, I thought I'd share with you my top 3 sewing instagrammers. Feeds that are chalk full of sewing goodness. 

Sewing Inspiration No 1: Atelier Brunette

Sewing inspiration on instagram
Atelier Brunette make the most delicious fabric - I'm totally just biding my time until I can use one of their fabrics in a project. 

Mmmm... look at all that fabric goodness.

Sewing Inspiration No 2: Madalynne

Sewing inspiration on instagram
Madalynne is such a beautiful and inspirational sewer. Her instagram feed is all light and vintage-y. Super calming on a stressful day.

And, I guarantee she's going to make you want to up your sewing game.

Sewing Inspiration No 3: Roisin (aka Dolly Clackett)

Sewing inspiration on instagram
I love Roisin's Instagram feed. It always cheers me up. 

It's full of her colourful dresses and seriously awesome shoe collection. And there's often gin. Perfect.

Now I know these aren't the only amazing sewers on instagram. Who are your favourites for sewing inspiration?

Life | a little italian getaway


Guys, I ran away to Italy for a few weeks last month. It had to be done.  

I went to visit my family but really I spent most of the time sewing, hanging out with my parents and eating my body weight in Nutella (that stuff is seriously delicious). 

The village where my parents live is in the mountains in Northern Italy. 

When I was little I wasn't always a fan - it's a small village, everyone knows everyone, the pace of life is s-l-o-w. 

But I have such a love for it now. 

I love the fact that my family is all in one neat little place. 

Plus - without the distractions of town I get so much done - a whole host of sewing projects, including the trousers of joy you saw the other week.

And I got to spend some more quality time with this little guy. Who is growing more and more gigantic by the week!

I might have also consumed the odd gelato here and there. Like whenever we went for walks. Like everyday. Someone has to keep the gelato industry in business, right?

OK, and I just had to share the two above photos - gratuitous bambino and nonni photos. 

I'm looking forward to sharing some of the sewing projects I finished while I was out there. Look for those coming soon.

For more Italian photo goodness - including one of a local man taking his goat for a walk (!) - you should definitely check out my Instagram feed.

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