Wardrobe | true bias hudson pants


Handmade Wardrobe: a pair of True Bias Hudson pants in a woven fabric (of joy)
Guys. I am in love.

I am in love with this absolute corker of a trouser pattern.

I'm serious. If you want it, you're going to have to pry the pattern from my cold, dead hands. Or buy your own. Whatever.

Handmade Wardrobe: a pair of True Bias Hudson pants in a woven fabric (of joy)
The pattern is the Hudson pant by the lovely Kelli of True Bias. A slouchy trouser with a tapered leg, and, wait for it... an elasticated waist.

Hello ultimate road trip trousers.

Handmade Wardrobe: a pair of True Bias Hudson pants in a woven fabric (of joy)
I've been stalking this pattern for a while. Then after being asked to be part of the Indiesew blogger team I knew it was time to step up and makes something awesome - similar to this great pair of real world trousers.

These beauties are also surprisingly flattering for a pair of trousers with an elasticated waist. Comfortable AND flattering. Isn't that the holy grail of clothes?

Handmade Wardrobe: a pair of True Bias Hudson pants in a woven fabric (of joy)
There's a very clear sew along on Kelli's blog, plus some handy advice on using the pattern for woven fabrics (as the pattern's originally for knit fabrics).

I loved how quick and easy these were to make. It took less than a day (and that's including an hour or so lost to undoing a few ill-fated French seams of doom).

I've included a bit more on construction details at the end if you're into that sort of thing.

In other news - I've been on a bit of trouser spree. I've been making two pairs for my mamma from a pattern she self drafted. 

Here we are, kicking it blogger style in our handmade trousers. 

So, I think I'll just keep up my trouser spree.

I'm 100% tempted to make another woven pair of Hudsons, something similar to this pair. That fabric sure is gorgeous, isn't it?

Have you tried making trousers yet, or are they still a no go area? Do you have a favourite pattern?

Outfit details

trousers | handmade using True Bias Hudson pattern c/o Indiesew
sweater | Gap
shoes | American Eagle
necklace | vintage

The pattern was kindly provided by Indiesew for being part of their blogger team. All thoughts and opinions are my own. Cause that's just how I roll. 

Easy Project | DIY moon cushion


sew an easy DIY moon pillow
So I've got a bit of a confession to make. I have been stalking knitted cushions for Aurelio's nursery. I've been stalking them obsessively.

I stroke knitted cushions in shops. Pin them on Pinterest. Stare at them in shop windows. It's a pretty serious situation.

But the thing is I can't seem to actually bring myself to part with the cold hard cash needed to buy one. They're awesome (especially this one), but they sure ain't cheap.

sew an easy DIY moon pillow
Plus, I'm a crafty lady (or so I tell myself) so I thought I'd have a go at making one myself - inspired by this poster.

I pretty much had everything on hand - an old cashmere sweater that didn't ever quite suit me, fabric paint, some scrap fabric for the back, and some toy stuffing leftover from this project.

sew an easy DIY moon pillow
I will always find radiators for photos. That's a cold, hard fact.

All I needed to buy was the felt for the (rather awesome) moustache and eyes. Game, set, match.

And honestly, the best thing was, this only took 20 mins from start to finish. Including decorating the face. Not bad, right?

sew an easy DIY moon pillow
It's going to live next to this geometric cushion I made a while back. I think they're going to get on very well. Very well indeed.

If you fancy making one yourself (who doesn't need a moon pillow in their life?) - find the instructions below.

PS and how amazing is this IKEA hack of the same poster? You could have a whole room full of moons. Which would be weird. Or awesome (or weirdly awesome).

Wardrobe | grainline moss skirt


handmade wardrobe grainline studio moss skirt
OK so it's official. I am a GIANT fan of Grainline Studio patterns. Jen knocks it out of the park. Every. Time.

You'll probably recognise this little beauty here. It's a moss skirt - a mini skirt with fly front closure (like the closure on jeans) and lovely roomy pockets.

handmade wardrobe grainline studio moss skirt
Not only is it kinda effortlessly cool (a bit like Jen herself) but it's 100% comfortable. Double threat.

I've actually had this since Christmas but didn't have much chance to take photos in January (a lethal combination of illness and poor winter lighting). Boo.

handmade wardrobe grainline studio moss skirt
It's a pattern I was stalking for quite a while, but I was quite scared of taking it on. I mean fly front pocket just sounds exhausting, doesn't it?

But it was honestly super easy. Jen's instructions were brilliant (as always). Totally painless.

handmade wardrobe grainline studio moss skirt
My absolute favourite thing about this is the bronze metal zipper and metal button snap closure. They really make it feel like it's  legit.

FYI I had the snap put in for the whooping great cost of €2 at my parents local shoe store.

So, hey, if you need a snap closure put in professionally on the cheap I can totally hook you up. Just think of me as your enabler.

handmade wardrobe grainline studio moss skirt
So about the skirt.

I cut and sewed a straight 8. I was treating this as a wearable muslin and was totally prepared to make alterations. In the end I didn't need to do anything. I forgot how few fitting issues you get with skirts. Score.

I used some rather thick black cotton drill I had in my stash. Bought from eBay a few years ago.

Totally unplanned combination, but I am in love with how it came out. The heavier weight fabric really works with this pattern.

handmade wardrobe grainline studio moss skirt
Ah, yes. Maybe a good press might make this look a bit more legit, eh?

The next time I make a moss (and there will be a next time) I might just be tempted to add 2 inches to the hem as the skirt's a wee bit short. There is an optional hem band, but I think I'll just stick to lengthening the skirt.

For now I'll just wear this with thick tights and a lounge lizard attitude.

handmade wardrobe grainline studio moss skirt
So, are you ever tempted to sew out of your comfort zone, fly fronts or other wise? Or are you quite happy staying in your sewing groove?

ps Jen's newest pattern looks perfect for anyone hoping to tackle coats. It's definitely being added to the top of my when-I-sew-a-coat pattern wish list.

Easy Project | Valentine's Day DIY baby bow tie


Valentine Day DIY baby bow tie
OK, so I'm not so sure this strictly counts as a Valentine's DIY, but, come on. Look how cute.

Valentine Day DIY baby bow tie
You know what this guy will be wearing on the 14th. Totally ready to launch a full on charm offensive. 

I actually made this for the bambino way back around Christmas time. It was really nice and easy to make. Just 3 rectangles of different lengths sewn and then attached together.

It shouldn't take you any time at all to make. In fact, you could probably knock this out in about 30 minutes. Hooray for easy projects, right?

What I like is that this could easily be a headband for girls. So one pattern, double the fun. Score.

Valentine Day DIY baby bow tie
I had made a grown up version of a bowtie a while back (you can find the free bowtie tutorial and pattern at Tuts+). This one is even easier - no tying required just Velcro the band together and you're good to go.

Because, hey, a little dude can't wait around to have his bowtie fixed. He's got places to be.

Valentine Day DIY baby bow tie
The eagle eyed among you may even notice that both versions are made of denim. Do I hope my boys will dress the same? Heck yeah. No flowers for me please this Valentine's day. Just two dapper chaps will do fine.

I more or less followed this bow tie tutorial, but changed the sizes of the rectangles so they would work on a baby-sized scale. Let me know if you need me to hook you up with a tutorial. 

So, I'm thinking that an alternative title for this post could have been: Addicted to bowties.

Am I the only one out there to get hooked on a particular item of clothing - or have you got a wee obsession over something?

Sewing | vintage sewing pledge


2015 vintage sewing pledge
You guys know I love a good vintage pattern. I've got a pretty serious collection going (thanks to 50p patterns at my local charity shops).

But it turns out I've not really touched any in my collection (apart from this super star pencil skirt which I've made twice - in floral stretch cotton and lace). 

All of which leaves me feeling like a pretty bad owner...  leaving those lovely vintage patterns unloved for so long just doesn't feel right.

Now it's been a while since I've really sat down and gave myself a sewing challenge. I mean, come on, sewing with a super active bambino is already quite enough of a challenge. Thank you very much.

So it was a pretty brilliant coincidence that I randomly stumbled across the 2015 Vintage Sewing Pledge (well, not so random - I was reading Handmade Jane's post about it). 

What a brilliant idea. It's being hosted by Marie at A Stitching Odyssey and Kerry at Kestrel Makes. You can read all about it here. But the bestest is that you can set your own challenge. 

Which leaves me thinking that this pattern desperately needs to be made up...

2015 vintage sewing pledge
And this one...

2015 vintage sewing pledge
So here is my 2015 vintage sewing pledge:

During 2015, I, Elena Rosa Brown, will sew up (at least) three of my vintage sewing patterns.  

So, are you tempted to take part? Maybe use up a snazzy little vintage pattern you have tucked away somewhere. Or are you totally turned off vintage patterns?

p.s. If your keen to start sewing with your vintage patterns, but not sure where to start, check out my top tips for using vintage sewing patterns like a pro.


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