Handmade Wardrobe | woven camas blouse


Thread Theory camas blouse Indiesew blogger network
I have a confession. I am a pattern stalker.

I find patterns that I love and then I obsess about them. I stalk the internet for other people's makes. Hunt down potential fabrics. And then...

... I do nothing.

I have about 30 projects like that. Just waiting to be made.

Thread Theory camas blouse Indiesew blogger network
But this little beauty is different. I've been obsessing over this pattern - Thread Theory's camas blouse  - since it came out a few moths ago.

It's my perfect work shirt. Totally legit for the office but not too business-y that I feel like a severe boss lady.

And... I finally got round to making it this month as part of Indiesew's blogging team

Thread Theory camas blouse Indiesew blogger network
I'm wearing it here with a second pair of woven True Bias Hudsons (you can see my first pair here).

I'll admit, it's altogether a bit too drapey for work (and I'm not sure I would get away with clogs at the office), but it's suuuuuuper comfy. 

Thread Theory camas blouse Indiesew blogger network
So here's the thing - I like the blouse, but don't love it. Which makes me a little sad.

I think the fabric let me down on this. It has a beautiful drape but it was super slippery. A total mother ucker to work with.

And super crease-y. Which means I'll need to iron this all the time. Boo.

Thread Theory camas blouse Indiesew blogger network
If I could do it all again I would definitely swap this fabric out for something much easier - like a soft chambray or one of those lovely cottons from Atelier Brunette.

But hey. You live and learn right?

Are you stalking any pattern at the moment? Which ones are on your radar to make (and are any work appropriate)? 

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top | handmade pattern c/o Indiesew
trousers | handmade True Bias Hudson Pants
shoes | swedish hasbeens

This pattern was kindly provided by Indiesew for being part of their blogger team. All thoughts and opinions are my own. Cause that's just how I roll. 

Nursery + Kids DIY | mini hemlock tee


DIY mini kids Hemlock Grainline Studio
Yup. I went there.

After making a hemlock of my very own I decided to jump right in and make a mini version for Aurelio.

DIY mini kids Hemlock Grainline Studio
I used one of Aurelio's tops to get the right width and length of the main body and arms. I then sewed it up just like I did with my grown up hemlock version. Super simple.

I haven't made many things for bambino - this kid grows out of things in a matter of weeks. But I had some leftover fabric and a spare 20 minutes. What was there to lose right?

DIY mini kids Hemlock Grainline Studio
And I'm kinda loving the result.

So I think I may be tempted to make more things for the little guy. It's pretty darn satisfying to see our little rug rat wearing something I made for him. 

DIY mini kids Hemlock Grainline Studio
I think I might tackle the mini Hudson Pants by True Bias next. I mean, we all know how I love me some comfy Hudsons.

Have you made clothes for mini people before? Have you got any tips for or know of any good patterns?

ps True Story. If I had it my way, there would be a significant number of matching mamma and baby shots, but my photographer (and baby daddy) used his veto. 

Apparently dressing your baby like a mini me is a step too far. 

Handmade Wardrobe | denim inari tee dress


denim Inari tee dress Named Clothing
So, I've been quietly stalking all of the new Named Clothing patterns. And basically dreaming of the awesome new wardrobe I would make with their patterns.

After seeing Emily's awesome chambray Inari tee dress it was game over. This dress had to be in my closet.

denim Inari tee dress Named Clothing
And what a solid choice.

Guys, the drafting is impeccable. The dress is cocoon shaped with side seams that curve to the front. Pretty tricky to get the proportions right, but the people at Named Clothing nailed it.

Then just look at those sweet cuffs. 

denim Inari tee dress Named Clothing
And the high-low split hem. 


denim Inari tee dress Named Clothing
Plus this is a dawdle to sew up - everything from the cuffs to the sleeves were super easy to assemble. And quick too. I managed to get it all done and dusted in a few hours.

I've put all the juicy sewing details below in case you're geeky and into that kinda thing (heck, I know I am).

So you can pretty much guarantee that I'll be making a fleet of these beauties. Think how perfect these will be for summer (with clogs, obviously). Awesome town.

denim Inari tee dress Named Clothing
I guess the only problem now is finding the right fabric. Something drapey with a bit of structure. Maybe some bark cloth (or too weird)? What would you make it in?

denim Inari tee dress Named Clothing

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Dress | handmade Named Clothing Inari tee dress in denim
Shoes | swedish hasbeens

p.s. Have you seen the awesome Alexandria trousers (from the same collection) that Rachael made?

How to sew the perfect T-shirt


how to sew the perfect t-shirt\
So who doesn't want the perfect fitting T-shirt? It's like the holy grail of wardrobe basics isn't it?

And you know what, it's actually not that hard to achieve at home either. T-shirts are actually quite simple. No zippers or darts. Plus they're awesomely quick to sew. 

Just master 6 simple steps and you'll be in T-shirt nirvana in no time. 

Read on through the steps and see what you think. Do you think you could sew your own T-shirt, or are you leaving that challenge for another day? 

Handmade Wardrobe | high-low grainline studio hemlock tee


Well it turns out I'm obsessed with two things at the moment: knits and Grainline Studio patterns.

So obviously this had to happen some day - the Hemlock tee by Grainline Studios.

The Hemlock is a free pattern (gotta love those, right?) with only 4 pieces (plus neckband). And only 4 seams to sew. Pretty much a winner all the way.

I did go a bit rogue. The pattern calls for light weight knits but I wanted to eat into some of my stash so went for this heavy-ish terry. Bold.

The first version was quite boxy and heavy so I cut some of the fabric away at the front to create a slight curved hem.

Less bulkiness around my middle section is always a win.

I also left the sleeves and bottom edge unhemmed. The drape on this fabric is so lovely and soft I didn't want to go messing it up with bulky seams.

I'm so looking forward to wearing this in the spring (because surely it can't be winter forever).

A "I kinda just want to stay in my pjs all day" look without actually staying your pjs. Score.

For more details on construction check out the bottom of the post.

So now that I'm well and truly in the knitted top appreciation society (come join me - its a fun club) I'm super keen to get some more sews under my belt.

Have you been sewing with knits lately? Any great patterns you could recommend?

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top | handmade using the free Grainline Studio hemlock tee pattern
jeans | Gap
necklace | vintage

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