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So as you might have guessed from previous posts - I'm on a bit of a mission to create a capsule wardrobe. Not only that, but I'm aiming to make as much of it as possible. 

Am I crazy? Totally.

This is 100% bonkers ambitious (and totally crackers considering our little bambino has decided that sleep is for wimps) but I'm just really keen for my makes to really work in the real world. 

Maybe it's a bit self-indulgent to go over my wardrobe - at the end of the day, why should you care what's hanging in my closet? But I wanted to share with you my progress so far, and ask you for your advice. 

Because that's what friends are for, right? 

My handmade wardrobe

Inspired by Jen at Grainline, I thought I'd take photos of what I've made so far. Not only does this set out what's been made in a nice visual way, but it makes my makes look totally legit.

So here's the progress so far:


Lot's of comfy knits here. I live in all of them. Even the black scuba coco is becoming a firm favourite - even though the black is maybe a bit too serious.

I think I could probably do with one or two more long or 3/4 length knits. Definitely room for a woven t-shirt or two here to get a bit more variety, no? And I totally need to add some colour.

Patterns from left to right are: Hey June union st tee (c/o Indiesew) and Tilly and the Buttons coco (x 2).


Yup. A bit of a poor showing on the bottoms front. Just one pair of trousers and a skirt (yet to be blogged).

I really love the skirt. It's a bit on the short side, but it works with tights and boots. Sadly, I don't get much ware out of the trousers. Maybe it's the colour?

I definitely need more bottoms. I think the next major challenge is going to be jeans of some description. I live in stretchy trousers at the moment and would love to make a pair like these ones from Gap.

Patterns from left to right are: Sew Over it ultimate trousers and Grainline moss skirt.


Totally missing here. Which is such a shame because b.b. (before bambino) I lived in dresses. At the moment, they're just not practical, but I'm hoping to make a party dress for the Christmas season.

What's next?


  • I've had my first go at making a shirt (a Grainline archer - post coming soon) and I really enjoyed making it. I'd be well keen to make another. Maybe in a navy print.
  • I'd like to add a few more coloured long sleeved knits to the mix. I'm on the look out for some nice jersey in burgundy or pink.
  • I'd also be keen to make a few woven tees. Maybe using Grainline's scout?


  • Another few moss skirts are on the cards. I'd like to make one in burgundy and one in some sort of wool or textured material (like corduroy) 
  • I'd really really like to make a fly front trouser in a stretch chino. I've only made one pair of trousers so far, but I do love me a fly front. Does anyone know of any patterns that might work?


  • I'm super keen to make a Papercut sigma dress for Christmas parties. I've picked up a faux-silk mustard fabric in Italy.
  • Then there are a few other dresses I'd like to make (even though I know they're not going to get much ware!). I'd like to make a knit dress for work and I'm thinking of making a shirt dress, but maybe its too cold out?

Wardrobe | sporty neoprene coco


a Tilly Buttons coco in sporty black neoprene
I'm not going to lie. I miss dresses.

B.B. (before bambino) I used to live in dresses, but now it's separates all the way. At least for now.

Separates in my world can be rather boring. I'm not a fan of crazy prints or colours. I'm not big on flounces. So, what's left?

a Tilly Buttons coco in sporty black neoprene
Well, to avoid having the world's most boring wardrobe I've been looking at finding interesting fabric. Cue the fancy neoprene in today's make.

a Tilly Buttons coco in sporty black neoprene
I sewed up my second Tilly and the Buttons coco in this lovely black scuba/neoprene (think slinky black with a slight sheen and the weight of a ponte roma knit) I bought on the Goldhawk Road in London.

Something about it whispered to me. And for all of £5 it was pretty hard to say no.

a Tilly Buttons coco in sporty black neoprene
I wanted something sporty and a bit Zara-esque. Something similar to this beauty. So I redrafted the neck to make it higher and rounder - something between a boatneck and a crew neck. A brew neck?

I added an inch all the way around the neckline and then redrafting the curve using a t-shirt.

a Tilly Buttons coco in sporty black neoprene
You can see the difference between the original coco I made a while back (on the left) and this one (on the right).

I like the effect of the shorter sleeves and body length with this heavier fabric. Makes it feel all structured and sporty.

The bottom hem and cuffs all got turned up by 2 inches and top stitched with a twin jersey needle. I think I like the raised effect of the twin needles.

a Tilly Buttons coco in sporty black neoprene
To be honest, I wouldn't know how to not get that effect - so raised it is!

I've heard that neoprene can be quite the tricky madam to sew with. I wouldn't say it was a picnic, but I think I was quite lucky. This neoprene was quite easy to work with, though there are a few slipped stitches here and there. Just don't study the hems too closely.

I'd definitely be tempted to sew with neoprene again and I'd say it's well worth a play if you're interested.

fabric | black neoprene (scuba) from Goldhawk Road
jeans | Gap
shoes | M&S

Easy Project | DIY reversible headband (in 5 minutes)


how to sew a DIY reversible headband with vintage scarves
Happy Friday guys! 

Today I'm bringing you an easy DIY project - just in time for the weekend.

how to sew a DIY reversible headband with vintage scarves
I've been so busy with larger projects lately that I really wanted to make something quick and easy. I'm also in the middle of growing out my bangs/fringe so I definitely need something to help me look a little more pulled together.

So an easy DIY reversible headband it is then. 

And to give it an extra twist I used some vintage scarves - the pink is a beautiful shot silk scarf I found in my mamma's closet (shhh don't tell). Of course, you don't need to use vintage scarves -  you could use any fabric you have to hand.

how to sew a DIY reversible headband with vintage scarves
I love the fact it's reversible. Party on one side. Business on the other. 

I know, I know, I played it safe with two solid colours (I'm so boring). But I bet you'd be much more adventurous, right?

Happy weekend!

Wardrobe | indiesew winter collection


Randomly Happy sews the Indiesew Winter Collection
Guys. I worry. I worry that maybe I play things wayyyyy too safe. Seriously.

Case in point: the lovely Allie very sweetly asked me to be part of the latest Indiesew blog tour. I could highlight any of the 5 fab sewing patterns included in the Winter Collection.

I can tell you it was pretty hard to decide - there's some pretty great patterns in that bundle.

Randomly Happy wearing the Union St tee by Hey June from Indiesew's Winter Collection
In the end I went for two simple silhouettes - the Union St tee by Hey June and the leather accent clutch by LBG Studios.

What can I say - maybe it's super boring, but I totally dig these designs.

Randomly Happy wearing the Union St tee by Hey June from Indiesew's Winter Collection
One major win is that both are super quick to whip up - it only took me a couple of hours to make both. You gotta believe speed is of the essence with a wee babe around.

The instructions for both were totally straight forward - another win in my sleep deprived state.

Randomly Happy wearing the clutch by LBG Studio from Indiesew's Winter Collection
I am in love with this bag. So simple, but such a winner.

The outside fabric was gifted to me by a lovely friend and the faux suede patches are from a thrifted coat. I lined the inside with this fabric in pink.

It kills me every time I open it. Business on the outside, party on the inside.

Randomly Happy wearig the Union St tee by Hey June via Indiesew
And here's a bit better view of the Union St tee without the jacket (with me trying to look all moody... and failing).

I live in slouchy tees at the moment, so I cut a straight L without any modifications to the pattern - I love when I can use the pattern straight 'out of the box'.

I didn't take too many detailed photos, but trust me when I say there's some serious stripe marching going on (which I'm sadly super proud of).

Randomly Happy wearing the clutch by LBG Studio from Indiesew's Winter Collection
So I'm super pleased with my choices, but maybe you think I played it too safe? Do you think simple is best, or do you prefer things that have a little more flair?


top pattern | Hey June union st tee c/o Indiesew
top fabric | viscose and cotton jersey from Ditto Fabrics
clutch pattern | LBG Studios c/o Indiesew
clutch fabrics | thrifted, gifted and Miss Matatabi
jeans | H&M
boots | Clark's

Wardrobe | super comfy coco


super comfy Tilly and the Buttons Coco
So, I guess it's time to put my money where my mouth is. 

I've been rabbiting on about creating the ultimate capsule wardrobe (you can see my posts here and here). I think it's probably about time I start sharing some of those makes with you, don't you think?

Super comfy Tilly and the Buttons Coco

One of the first things I've made is this deliciously comfy Coco top.

I'm sure you've come across the Coco already. The lovely, vintage inspired Tilly and her cocos are all over the internet. Quite rightly too - this french-inspired top and dress pattern sure is a beauty.

Super comfy Tilly and the Buttons Coco
I used a lovely thick terry knit fabric remnant I bought when I was in Italy. Amazingly cosy. It's comfy like a sweatshirt, but a just a smidgen more classy.

The fabric was an off-cut that was quite a bit smaller than I would have liked, but with a bit of careful trickery and my mamma's help (and about an hour of adjusting and readjusting the pattern pieces) we were able to squeeze it all in.

Super comfy Tilly and the Buttons Coco
I trimmed down the sides by an inch so there's a little less kick out at the bottom (let's just say I don't need any extra volume in my hip area).

Apart from that little alteration, I cut a straight size 4 and am really pleased with the fit.

No messing, this digital pattern was great. Add in the helpful tips on Tilly's website and this pattern is a true winner.

Super comfy Tilly and the Buttons Coco

I've already planned a few more versions. One version already on the cards is in a stretchy black scuba that I picked up the other day on Goldhawk Road. I'm. So. Excited. I may even skip a nap to get it made up (naps are precious around here - particularly with a bambino who doesn't like nights)

Have you tried the coco? Or do you have a great pattern you think people should be checking out?  

fabric | thick terry knit from Italy
trousers | handmade trousers (blogged about here)
shoes | new look

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