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journal inspiration
Guys, I would love your help.

Over the weekend my super talented friend Nikki from Bead It and Weep made me a journal (beautiful leather, vintage pages, sigh). I know I probably need to just get stuck in, but I don't really know what to do.

I'd love to try my hand at art journalling or chronicling those lovely moments of quite before baby comes here (in 4 weeks!) and I would love your advice on how to start.

I'm even tempted to try this course on art journalling but not sure how much time I'll have coming up ;)

So, have you ever kept a journal? If so how did you decide what to put in it? Or have you got any great sources that inspire you to create (maybe they could help me with ideas)?

Thanks guys!


  1. I would love to keep a watercolour journal but I am not that good. ;)

  2. I have a couple of projects that started before my babies were born and went beyond. The ebbs and flows of it tell their own story and have become some of my favourite bits. It would be frustrating if the project has a brittle rhythm where stops and starts would wreck it. In general now, I keep an eye on matching my projects to whatever is going on in my life at the time. It's a skill to learn, like picking fabric for clothes. (Just so you know, I just spared you a fabric of life metaphor). It took me ages, but I've made progress. One journal I keep isn't a sewing or art thing at all. I decided there would be loads of photos of the kids and plenty of regular measurements and charts from paediatricians. Kids born now are so well documented. So I have a journal for each, with no photos, and no schedule, no limiting it to major events or milestones, no real plan even and handwritten. I just jot in the things that I love. Not all of them, the ones that occur to me. We travel, so the back cover has all their addresses in different countries and the places they had childcare or school, in case they ever want to revisit them later. Then it's full of lists and stories: the makes of car my son could name on the walk to preschool at 2 1/2, words they mispronounced that were inadvertently funny. Things like that. Often I shove a scrap of paper with a reminder in and then a few months later, I'll sit with a coffee and write them all up. I like that it's quietly growing like them and that it's written directly to them and that it'll have different appeal at different age, all the way until perhaps their own parenthood. The other project was a little more crafty, but not journally, I started a crocheted blanket for my second son a week or two before his due date. I started in the centre and added concentric rectangles. It was a sort of sampler to learn new stitches. You can see by looking at it how it starts sensible, then it goes past the due date and the stitch choices get progressively more bonkers as I did for the following 11 days. Then there's a very calm and simple stage where I used the crochet in early labour instead of meditation (I haven't even found a crafter who didn't think that was weird, although I reckon you count, it's rhythmic and progresses, so makes sense to me.) Then it has a tiny, quick border and his name and birthday stitched into the centre rectangle. I did those in the hospital after he was born. I still love the colours I picked, but I see the story every time I use it and there's no other way I could have written that story and kept it like that. Have a tremendous time with the journal and the baby. Best, C.


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