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So you may have noticed things have been slowing down a bit around here. OK, things have been slowing down a lot. Eek.

We've been busy getting ready for baby (who knew there was so many things to think about for something so little) and I've been finishing off a few projects before our little one gets here. 

One of my favourite projects has been this little stuffed bunny I made for the lovely people at Tuts+. And well, I think he's pretty sweet (but I would say that wouldn't I?)

I couldn't quite find the right pattern I wanted so I made one up to be perfect for baby - big enough to cuddle, but small enough that it can be tucked into small spaces. 

You all know I'm partial to a bit of vintage floral - so I made him up using some of the last bits of one of my favourite vintage sheets (used for various bits in our wedding and again in this DIY pillow). I added in some little scraps of denim and embroidered a face using embroidery thread.

Keen to whip one up yourself (and you definitely should - wouldn't it make a great gift)? You can find the full DIY bunny tutorial (and free pattern) over at Tuts+

I can't wait to see if little one takes to this guy as much as I have.


  1. He is gorgeous. I am sure he will be very loved by little A. And lovely that he will also remind you of your wedding day.


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