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Maybe it's because I've been stuck in jersey mode for the past few months, but I am loving the lady-like vibes of this dress. 

This dress is all about sunny Saturdays, vintage picnic hampers and lazing about in grassy fields. Or maybe it's all about 60s rooftop cocktail parties. I can't decide.

But I do know I'm pretty smitten with it.

the ultimate floral shift dress with John Lewis fabric
I was lucky enough to make this on Saturday at a lovely sewing bee thrown by the John Lewis' department store to celebrate their 150 year anniversary. The fabric is a special edition cotton from John Lewis' 150 year anniversary collection

It's purple. And floral. What more could you ask for?

ultimate floral shift dress with John Lewis fabric
ultimate floral shift dress with John Lewis fabric
ultimate floral shift dress with John Lewis fabric
ultimate floral shift dress with John Lewis fabric
The pattern is Sew Over It's ultimate shift dress - cut to accommodate little bambino. And I couldn't help but throw in some pockets, just for good measure. It's where classy ladies would keep their lipstick.

More on the event and details on some incredibly awesome sewing bloggers coming later in the week. But in the meantime, I'd like to leave you with my new life motto: Life is too short to be a solid colour.

Agree? Disagree? Discuss ;)

Photos courtesy of the ever-lovely Michelle at MyCreative

pattern | ultimate shift dress by Sew Over It
fabric | John Lewis 150 anniversary


  1. You look wonderful in that dress, it really suits you and I'd rather go for the 60s rooftop cocktail parties! Only recently, I believe thanks to start sewing, started trying new colours and I love it!



  2. Disagree :) Solid colours can be beautiful too and life should never be too short for beautiful things! Some of the clothes that make me the happiest are solid colours, it just depends on the texture, shape and whether it makes me glow.
    You do look lovely in your new patterned dress though.

  3. Awesome print - it really suits you.

  4. It looks great on you! And the JL fabric you picked looks amazing!

  5. What a cute dress! Love the fabric and it's very bump- chic, too! I love patterns but I think I may love solid bright colours that clash even more... One of my fave outfits is a me-made bright royal blue gathered skirt with a mustard sweater top. That said, my stash is chock full of prints and I'm determined to gather a few more bright solids from now on!

  6. I disagree with classy ladies putting their lipsticks in pockets. The body heat might melt the lipstick and cause a terrible mess. I agree with you about everything else though.

  7. There should be a ;) somewhere in that last comment

  8. This is beautiful! I wish you'd share some tips on how to alter a non-maternity pattern to accommodate a bump. I'm a relative beginner to sewing but so uninspired by maternity wear in the shops I'm hoping I can keep myself clothed over the next few months, and it would be nice not to purely resort to jersey fabrics!


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