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This is the dress that almost never was. 

Inspired by my new love of pattern - I was looking to make something simple and fun for a wedding this past weekend. 

DIY summer dress pattern
I used the DIY dress pattern I made up last year and just altered it so that bump had lots of space. I also chose to fully line the dress in a soft cotton voile. 

Simple, right? What could possibly go wrong...

DIY summer dress pattern
DIY summer dress pattern
Well it turns out a whole lot can go wrong... when you give yourself a day or so to make a fully-lined dress. 

I ended up finishing the sleeves and hem in the car on the way to the wedding. 

Guys, sewing a hem in a moving car on country lanes, is sub-ideal. Fact.

DIY summer dress hand stitched hem
But I do love how it came out. Fully lining dresses in breathable cotton is 100% the way forward. And the slip-stitched hem didn't come out too badly.

Especially if you don't look too closely.

I'm particularly smitten with that little back detail and the hand-finished sleeves (all done in a rush either in the car or at the hotel).

DIY summer dress pattern
DIY summer dress pattern
DIY summer dress pattern slip stitched sleeves
Maybe time pressure is exactly what's needed to get the job done?

And just to leave you with my most favourite new thing (after this summery dress of joy) - my new Swedish Hasbeen sandals. I. Love. Them.     

Swedish Hasbeens natural hi

pattern | self drafted summer dress (tutorial)
fabric | light weight viscose from John Lewis Cambridge
lining | white voile from John Lewis Cambridge
shoes | braided high clogs from swedish hasbeens


  1. Super cute. And partial to those hasbeens too!

  2. It is beautiful! And totally worth the last minute stitching. I'd like to try lining a dress one of these days. It gives the garment such a polished look. And, sewing in the car... I'm impressed, because that sounds tricky. You are certainly a pro!!

    P.S. Thanks for your tips on sewing knits. You're the best. I'm going to look into getting a walking foot and those ballpoint needles to make sewing that t-shirt a bit easier.

    1. Ah thanks Erica! There's a fine line between pro and mad dash!

      Definitely think about fully lining a dress - especially in soft cotton. So. Comfy.

  3. My sewing hero! Love this dress, you'd never know it was done in such a rush.

  4. Cute dress! I adore my hasbeens too.

  5. Beautiful dress. Hasbeens are the best sandals!

  6. super cute!! how much did you add for the bump??

    1. I measured my bump and used that as my 'waist' measure. So all in all I measured shoulder to above knee, shoulder to bump, around the bump and around the shoulders. Happy to share a tutorial if you think that would be helpful.


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