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The fog of the first month seems to be lifting and I feel like I'm getting back into the swing of things. Man babies sure do keep you busy :)

So, back into the thick of it now. I wanted to share this tutorial on how to make your own effortless t-shirt dress. I wrote it before Aurelio arrived (I think the pregnant belly kinda gives that away, eh?) 

easy T-shirt dress tutorial
I wanted something easy and effortless to wear in the heat. And I think this little number sure does fit the bill. 

And the best thing is you don't have to have a baby belly for the tutorial to work (just ignore the fact the tutorial title says it's for a maternity dress). 

easy T-shirt dress tutorialeasy T-shirt dress tutorial
The arm holes are finished with a simple hem. Easy stuff.

I went a bit fancy with the neck and used a neckband. I included the how to in the tutorial - which hopefully might make it easy for neckband newbies.

easy T-shirt dress tutorial
In the end, I love how it came out (eve if it is a bit on the short side due to using some left over jersey from my stash).

I'd definitely encourage you to give it a go - especially if this fine weather holds up!

p.s. Thanks for all your sweet comments about AurelioGlad you all think he's as awesome as we think he is!


  1. Great tutorial, thanks! This is just the kind of thing I'd have liked to wear when I was pregnant.


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