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Well it's official. Tiny clothing is pretty darn cute. 

This tiny little top came about because we were taking some special photos of Aurelio (more on that next week) and I really wanted to give him something original to wear. 

It would have been great to have sewn him something, but time's pretty tight around here... shocking, right? ;) So I went for the next best thing to create something special - my favourite fake screen printing technique.

I used some leftover silver fabric paint. It's maybe a bit more sparkly than I would have liked so it's ended up looking a bit disco. But, heck, I think he pulls it off.

And here's the little bambino sporting his new top. You can see the sparkle better here. 

What do you think? I totally think he digs it.

Fancy making your own for the special tiny person in your life?

All you need to create your own is a plain white bodysuit, some fabric paint, freezer paper and this simple tutorial for 'fake screen printing'

15 minutes later and you have yourself a sweet little personalised top. Score.


  1. Super cute (both Aurelio and the outfit)!

  2. What a cutie! And such a cool outfit, a bit of sparkle never hurt anyone!


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