Randomly Happy gets a makeover

Wowza! A sparkly new Randomly Happy

Hiya guys! Happy Friday.

Well, you may just notice that things are a little different around here. No, that’s not a lack of caffeine or too many cocktails. Randomly Happy has had a makeover.

And I’m so excited to finally share the new-look Randomly Happy with you today. If you follow me on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter you’ll have got the sneaky heads up on Wednesday (I think it’s pretty obvious that I’m The Worst at keeping secrets).

I’ve been working for months to give the ol girl a makeover – adding tons of cool new features to make the whole experience better for you awesome people. Bigger pics. Easier navigation. Simpler sharing. Better responsiveness. The whole shebang. And the logo’s got a fresh update. Now she’s the total package (or I like to think so anyway).

I’m still making some adjustments here and there. A few tweaks. But most of the work’s been done and I just really wanted to get her out for you to run through her paces.

I’d love to know what you think. If you could take a look around and tell me your thoughts (can you find things OK, is it easy to share stuff, are there some really annoying features you’d like gone, you know, that kind of thing).

I would seriously love you forever.

Thanks so much for being the awesome readers that you are!

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    I love this spanking new look! I’ve been stalking you for awhile and am constantly inspired by you!

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      Aww, Adeline thanks so much! I worry that my style is wayyyy too simple so really glad to hear someone else digs it as well. We can be colour-phoebes together 😜

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