A handmade wardrobe update

A little while ago I told you all about my schemes for making a handmade capsule wardrobe. Remember that crazy scheme?Β Well, I’ve been sewing up a storm and I thought it was about time for a wee update. Share a few success… and a blunder or two.

So here we go…

What’s worked

Knit tops

How to sew a handmade wardrobe featuring Hey June and Tilly and the Buttos

I guess it really shouldn’t be much of a surprise that knits are top of my most successful makes. They’re 100% all I live in at home.

I’ve made the Lane raglan tee and the Union St tee by Hey June designs (left and right in the photo above) and really love both of them. Simple, basic but really great for everyday tussles with the bambino.

I also wear this Tilly & the Buttons coco a lot (pictured centre). It’s made up in a snuggly terry fabric. Business on the outside, warm softieness on the inside. Perfect.

How to sew a handmade wardrobe featuring True Bias and Grainline Studio

True Bias trousers

The True Bias Hudson pants are a win in every sense of the word. Comfortable. Easy to Wear. Flattering.

And I love this fabric. It was a mother ucker to work with, but am pretty smitten with how it’s come out.

Moss skirt

My love for Jen and her patterns of joy is well documented. The moss skirt is super comfortable and sorta effortlessly cool. I am not effortlessly cool, but love the idea of trying to be πŸ™‚

I think the heavy cotton drill fabric definitely makes the skirt. That and the metal zip and button snap closure.

What’s not worked so well

OK, so on to the less successful makes. And thinking about it, I reckon it’s all down to my fabric choices.

Grainline Studio archer shirt using Atelier Brunette fabric

So, I LOVE this fabric and I think the archer pattern is aces (see my point above about my Grainline Studio crush). Buuuut… it isn’t quite season appropriate.

I dress in black, blue and grey in the winter (I am after all in mourning for summer). I’m guessing this will come into play more when the sun starts shining.

A Tilly and the Buttons coco top made using black scuba

Then there’s thisΒ neoprene Β coco. Sure scuba’s trendy. It was in quite a few shops this winter. But am I a scuba-wearing kinda girl? Well no. Not a bit. Not even a little.

And those ultimate trousers. Super solid pattern, but I don’t wear brown, especially not this colour. So I’m not really sure what I was thinking there.

So what have I learned so far?

Funnily enough, it seems that fabric is almost more important to me than the pattern. Must be sure to hunt out some awesome fabrics. Maybe you could recommend a good fabric shop?

And, well, I love knits. That’s pretty obvious. And so more knits need to come into my life. I’ve cut out a Grainline Studio Hemlock (man alive, I am obsessed) and will let you know how that comes along.

There’s also a sad lack of colour in these pictures. Which is pretty sad. I definitely need to ramp up the colour palette. Maybe something in this awesome fabric?Β Have you been trying to make your own clothes recently? Have you learned any lessons, or are you still in the early stages?

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    Helen // Grosgrain Green

    I think hat probably fabric is seeming to be more important because you've already found great patterns. All of these are classics, which suit you and your lifestyle, so you just need to find the right fabrics now! I would say you are more than halfway there! Like you, I'm on Mat leave. I really want to make the Ultimate Trousers, but I don't know how to style them casually (particularly the shoes, as I've lived in my biker boots all winter). Any tips?

    Oh, and re the scuba – try it as a pencil skirt. Not "mummy appropriate", granted, but for a night out it's perfect. You feel really put together but so, so comfortable! I love mine!!!

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      I love the shape of the Ultimate Trousers – great choice! I'm tempted to make a pair for spring/summer cropped at the ankle. They would look great in a summery print with clogs, don't you think?

      And thanks for the tip about scuba for a skirt. I might just have enough to try that!

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    I love this capsule wardrobe! And I love your pink Archer too – I would be tempted to layer one of your knit tops over it for the cooler months.

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