Big, bad list of where to buy fabric online

Big bad list of where to buy fabric online | a run down of the top places to find good fabric on the internet | Randomly Happy

One of the questions I get asked the most is where to buy fabric online.

And while I love how much choice there is online - it's literally insane - I know it can be really hard to find exactly what you're looking for.

Because let's just agree that Googling 'buy fabric online' is less than helpful πŸ™‚

So to help I've put together my big, bad list of online fabric suppliers. I've divided the stores by price point and by location (Europe, North America, Australasia) but some offer pretty decent international shipping costs so do be sure to have a nosy.

Of course this list isn't exhaustive, and it's mostly based on stores I've used myself or recommendations from friends/Instagram, but there are so many great places out there. So if you have any online stores you've used then do leave a comment.

Share some fabric love!

(also you might want to take a sneaky peek at myΒ big bad list of bra making supplies)

Bargain Fabrics


I wouldn't recommend always hunting out the cheapest fabrics as the quality can sometimes be a false economy (FYI cheap jersey bobbles like a mother ucker). But sometimes you just want to try a new technique or make a wearable muslin or just can't justify spending lots of cash on fabric.

That's cool. I get it. So here's my fave suppliers for decent fabric on the more affordable end of the spectrum.


AbakhanΒ (UK) - I haven't used them (yet) but hear great things about their bricks and mortar shops.

Girl Charlee (UK) - a great range of beautiful knits that won't break the bank.

Minerva Crafts (UK) - a ginormous range of fabrics. The website feels like a bit of an aladdin's cave, but there's some real gems.Β (UK) - h-u-g-e range of fabrics. Great sales. Definitely worth signing up for their mailing list.

North America

Girl Charlee (US) - a great range of beautiful knits that won't break the bank.

Jo-Ann (US) - seems to be popular, but can't say I've used them yet.


Spotlight (Australia) seem to be popular.


Mid Price & Up

OK. I know you know this, butΒ it's worth repeating: sewing with good quality fabric literally makes all the difference. It's feels better against your skin, usually lasts longer, and is generally just more enjoyable.

Of course, buying fabric online can be risky so do be sure toΒ read up on some of these tipsΒ to help make sure you're spending your pennies on the right stuff.


Backstitch (UK) - a good selection of fabrics including Robert Kaufman linens and Atelier Brunette.

Croft Mill (UK) - always worth a look for interesting fabrics.

Ditto (UK) - I've only ever bought from their bricks and mortar shop but they always have interesting things and reasonable prices.

The Drapers DaughterΒ (UK) - lovely range of designer and organic fabrics.

Fabric Godmother (UK) - a gorgeous selection of beautiful fabrics. Great email newsletter too.

Guthrie & GhaniΒ (UK) - run by a lovely Great British Sewing Bee runner up. Great collection of quality fabrics. Small, but perfectly formed.

M is for Make (UK) - I know quite a few people swear by this online-only store for interesting, good quality fabrics.

Merchant and MillsΒ (UK) - Β collection of heritage fabrics in linen, cotton and wool.

Pretty MercerieΒ (France) - literally has the most amazing fabrics. Lots of great, interesting choices #alltheprettyfabrics Definitely recommend signing for their email list.

Sew EssentialΒ (UK) - I have a real soft spot for their selection of crepes and wool mix jersey, but they have some great looking denims too.

Sew Over It (UK) - my go-to place for drapey crepes. Also solid selection of prints. The selection can be filtered by type of make which is pretty handy.

Stoff & Still (Scandinavia, Germany, Austria, UK) - their selection of fabric is eclectic but well picked. Their woven viscoses have got the most incredible drape.

Supercut (Italy) - interesting range of fabrics. Some lush looking denim.

North America

Blackbird FabricsΒ (Canada) - beautiful range of fabrics including some seriously lush looking bamboo knits.

Fabric StoreΒ (US) - hands down THE place to go to for merino wool. Also a beautiful selection of silks, linens, and liberty. Decent shipping prices.

Fancy Tiger CraftsΒ (US) - beautiful, curated selection of fabrics. Their ikats are beyound lush.

Harts FabricΒ (US) - cracking selection of jersey, linen and tencel. My tee made up in their bamboo jersey is in heavy rotation.

Hawthorn ThreadsΒ (US) - solid range of quilting cotton prints. Ideal for children'sΒ clothing, accessories or quilts.

IndiesewΒ (US) - limited batch fabrics that are totally on trend. Be sure to sign up to their email list to not miss out.

LA Finch FabricsΒ (US) - another online store with lots of recommendatuons from Instagram.

MoodΒ (US) - The iconic store. Made famous by Project Runway.

Stone Mountain FabricsΒ (US) - California based and family owned. Big range of fabrics.

Style Maker FabricsΒ (US) - lovely selection of fabrics. Highly recommended by Instagram peeps.


Fabric StoreΒ (Oz, NZ) - hands down THE place to go to for merino wool. Also a beautiful selection of silks, linens, and liberty. Decent shipping prices.

Miss MatatabiΒ (Japan) - beautiful fabric with really decent international shipping costs.




ContradoΒ (UK) - a print your own fabric factory. Family run and based just outside of London and run with a growing interest in sustainability. A few organic and recycled choices.

Ma Petite MerceieΒ (France) - great range of fabrics. Superb collection of bias binding.

Offset WarehouseΒ (UK) - jaw droppingly beautiful suggestion of eco and ethical fabrics at not jaw dropping prices. Still in mourning over some beautiful white ikat I missed out on.

Nosh OrganicsΒ (Finland) - sweetest selection of organic fabric. Totally in love with their prints.

Threadbare FabricsΒ - online stockists of Come Mills denim. The Mac Daddy of denim.

Phew. Pretty full on right? And I'm sure I've missed out on loads, so remember sharing is caring so tell us all who you use if I've missed them out!

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    Let's Get Sewing

    Thank you so much for the roundup! It’s really helpful.

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    Thanks so much for putting this list together! Definitely a saved post! I have one more suggestion for the future… one of my favorite brick and mortar stores in Portland has over an acre of fabric. They have an online store as well and frequent ent 30% off sales. It’s

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    I really like Mercer Fabrics! They are family owned in Boston and also have online shopping.

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    Thank you for posting! I have ordered a couple of times from the Pretty Mercerie lately and the fabric is lovely! I would also like to add Stone Fabrics in the UK (, they have great fabrics and the staff are very friendly.

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    I just wanted to add 2 more for Canada because Canadians now find it SO hard to order from the US (most of us don’t anymore with the cost of shipping and customs and the difference in our dollar you have to double the cost you see – so a fabric that runs $10.00 US in the US will cost us $20)

    The UK is better – we don’t have to pay customs, the shipping is always less expensive (in some cases even less than shipping within Canada) and the pound is not so high Minerva in the UK is fabulous.

    In Canada there are 2 other shops (I love Blackbird as well!) Simplifabric in Quebec and L’oiseau fabrics, Calgary, Alberta. They sell wonderful high quality and reasonably priced fabric that I’ve always been pleased with.

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    Sherry Noonan Carr has a fabulous selection, often offers 1/2 price shipping overseas, donates a portion of their profits to charity and has great tools for color and pattern search, and even has many patterns for free!

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    Really useful list. Just wanted to let you know we are new on the online fabric scene so you may want to check us out at

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    Nadine Sutoyo

    Thank you for sharing this

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    I’m in NZ and usually buy from the US from eithe Hawthorne Threads or
    Both have a great range from all the designers and the shipping cost is not too bad. Another one for Australia is Bebeloush Designs in South Australia. She has a great range from Art Gallery, Michael Miller, Riley Blake etc and shipping within Australia is cheap. I bought from her, had it shipped to my Mum in Perth and she brought it to me in NZ. The price worked out quite reasonable. Around the same as what I’d pay to get it from the US when taking exchange rates into account. If I had to ship it to NZ though it would be more expensive than the US.

  10. Reply
    Alice Prier

    Ray Stitch in Islington London UK Both in the delicious new shop and online. Plus lots of books and brilliant classes. From totla beginners to advanced pattern cutting

  11. Reply
    Alice Prier

    Ray Stitch in Islington London UK Both in the delicious new shop and online. Plus lots of books and brilliant classes. From total beginners to advanced pattern cutting

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    Megan Grant in the US will ship to Australia (and I assume NZ). EOS has an amazing selection of designer fabrics, beautifully photographed and labeled so that you can feel confident making a purchase–including “pairs well with” shots for lining, trim or additional separates. Even then Linda will help you with questions about the suitability of the fabric for certain projects, she will hold onto purchases for a time so you can get better value from your shipping AND shipping is calculated on the real weight of the items. I have banned myself from any fabric purchases until the stash is under control but I soothe myself by visiting EmmaOneSock.

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    My fabrics is actually a German company with a British website- they are excellent though

  14. Reply

    so helpful! i’m totally bookmarking this page for when I need to do a fabric haul. thanks for sharing! πŸ™‚

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    One of my favourites in the UK is They specialise in dressmaking fabrics and release new fabrics every Friday. I have found their prices to be reasonable and the quality good. Not the biggest range and popular fabrics go quickly. Ladies who run it are very helpful.

  16. Reply

    This is an impressive roundup, thank you! I echo the feelings of the other Canadian, it’s tough to find stuff here! Bookmarking for later πŸ˜„

  17. Reply

    I am part of a HUGE fabric company called I WANT FABRIC. We are based in Manchester UK. However we ship ALL OVER THE WORLD. We are the biggest fabric retailer/wholesaler in Manchester and have great products at amazing prices. We definitely should be on this list πŸ™‚ Not a lot of people know we are here, but visit us at http://WWW.IWANTFABRIC.COM and check out our huge range!

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    Such a great list! I just found my dream dress fabric from this! Thank you thank you!
    Australia’s offering is getting a little better. We have Tessuti’s, Muse, the remnant warehouse, Bev’s remnant House (more soft furnishings but gorgeous lightweight linens sometimes) and the fabric store.

  19. Reply

    Fabric Mart is a great US online (and brick and mortar) shop for deals. They have various sales, with a different one each day. I also like Imagine Gnats in the US (online) for quality fabric at reasonable prices. I’m also a biased fan of Pintuck & Purl in the US for in-person shopping for really nice fabric (they are also getting their web shop up and running).

  20. Reply

    One of my favorite American shops is intrepid thread

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    Sujatra is one of the best place to by online saree.

  22. Reply

    Check out Pink Castle Fabrics! They have great fabric at reasonable prices!

  23. Reply

    I have another suggestion for Canada. It’s called Fabric Spark. The sell a lot of woven cotton for quilters but also some canvas, as well as knits, flannel, linen, double gauze, and other garment fabrics. They have a modern slant and a great variety. They started as an online business and now have a bricks and mortar store in Toronto, Ontario. Check them out. I have bought lots of fabric from them and get great service.

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    In the US, the Missouri Star Quilt Company is the world’s largest supplier of pre-cuts. They have 12 stores on Main Street in little Hamilton, Missouri. They ship worldwide. The website is fabulous with coordinating solids and a selection of yardage for each precut selection. Daily deals are not to be missed. Prices are very reasonable. Website:

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    Hello, all I have locally to me is a Joann’s. I just wanted to warn any of you that go to visit one and don’t know, their bolts are only 8 yard bolts and they also pull from them to supply online. So when you buy from them, make sure you buy all you want because it is practically impossible to get more. With the receipt they can search other stores, but you will have to drive there. I had no luck getting them to contemplate shipping it to me even at my cost.

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    Mason Smith

    Informative blog, I was looking for some designer upholstery fabrics. I got this website by searching Upholstery Fabric and Fabric Online.

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    Shabby Fabrics, Couer Delene Idaho US Great shop I buy from, mainly quilting.

  28. Reply
    Teach You To Sew

    Awesome compilation. Do you still recommend Harts? Thanks!

  29. Reply

    great work but can you suggest where to buy in India??

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    Sewing clothes for beginners: what I wish I knew when I first started - Randomly Happy

    […] have a reputation for selling good quality fabric (you can see a bumper list of online suppliers hereΒ and tips for how to get the best fabric when buying online […]

  31. Reply

    Thanks so much for this post! I’ve signed up to some mailing lists.

  32. Reply
    Tracey Vincent

    Thanks for this great list..if you update it, can you please add Tessuti (Aus). Not cheap, but really wonderful fabric, photographed beautifully.

  33. Reply

    Thanks for this list! You might like Atelier Brunette fabrics too!

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    plaid wool blanketΒ Β 

    Wow! So much great info about wool. I have always loved wool sweaters in the winter. Thank you for sharing.

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    warm wool blankets

    Just Wow Article! Thank you so much for sharing

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    Emily Binns

    Anyone in Europe (England if you qant to visit) can also check out my mums shop: Marshland fabrics. Search her on facebook, she has some really cute stuff at nearly cost price!

  37. Reply
    Katherine Villarreal

    I use Fabrics Universe on etsy! Tjey are really really affordable and they ship everywhere. You should add them up there! They are a small company but carry a wide range of fabrics

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    thank you for the information fabric. the blog is very nice.

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    There is a fantastic shop in Worthing (uk) called More Sewing it’s run by Laura who gives lessons/classes from absolute beginners to those who just need someone on hand for a bit of guidance. They sell fabrics in the shop and online, and I would recommend taking a look they always have something you need.

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    I cannot believe that you didn’t include Britex Fabrics in San Francisco. It is the most AMAZING brick and mortar fabric store I have ever visited! I can spend hours in JoAnn’s but I could spend WEEKS in Britex. The first time I visited the button wall just blew me away! I had never seen so many amazing buttons!

    I even purchased some artificial Persian Lamb from them over the phone before they had an online store. I called them, told them what I was looking for, charged it to my card, and the shipped it right-away. They were extremely helpful. I just wish I were close so that I could go dream!

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    Bonnie A Harvey

    I would have to say Silk Baron, BB Black & Sons, G Street Fabrics, 96 District Fabrics as well as Dharma deserve to be on this list as well. All of them are excellent both from a delivery perspective and a fabric quality perspective.

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    fashion Fabrics club in St Louis USA, ( htttps:// )
    Has consistently beautiful silks,cottons, knits and ship free over $75 and sometimes on any order. They also have a great remnant/end of bolt

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