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Maker Capsule wardrobe series - how to nail what works for you. Free planner to help you nail down what will work for you.

You guys know how much I dig a well coordinated capsule wardrobe. Heck, I pretty much made it my life’s mission 2 years ago.

And sure, I don’t need to tell you there’s a lot of information out there on capsule wardrobes. But I have noticed that there’s nothing really specifically aimed at makers. Sure makers are no different than anyone else, but we do have our own particular relationship with clothes and that sometimes means we might take a different approach.

So, after hearing from you that you’d be keen to learn more about capsule wardrobes I thought I’d share my process and hook you up with some great links.

Today’s post is all about kicking off what I hope will be a great series and gets you to start thinking…

the key to a successful capsule wardrobe is all about using team players. Read more on Randomly Happy

What is a capsule wardrobe anyway?

I know you know this already (that’s probably why you’re here, right?) but here’s what I’ve learned about capsule wardrobes. Spoiler: it’s definitely not what I thought it was when I first started.

What it’s not
  • Achieving a certain number of items in your closet (though that I can see it might be a good place to start if you think you need a target)
  • An excuse to chuck out all your old clothes and start fresh
  • An instant solution to a perfect wardrobe
What it is
  • A chance to edit your closet so you’re left with items you love (or are at least willing to live with until you can replace them)
  • The opportunity to develop a more coherent style
  • A way of really appreciating what you have
  • A way to find more joy, fun and creativity in getting dressed
  • And if you sew, a chance to make sure your sewing time is spent making things you love and will wear again and again.

Is it for me?

I can’t tell you that a capsule wardrobe is the only way forward. I think some people have lots of clothes and they treasure every last thing they have. But it’s definitely a great path if you’re feeling uninspired by your clothes and are interested in living with less.

I can definitely not promise that you won’t have days where you feel a bit meh about your wardrobe. Days where you might think ‘I have nothing to wear’. But I can promise you it’s less often than you might think with a small wardrobe.


Aren’t capsule wardrobe boring?

If you’re looking for some inspiration, proof that a capsule wardrobe can be worth the plunge than you should definitely check out these fine capsule wardrobe icons:

Style Bee

Caroline Joy

Anuschka Rees (who also has a really popular book)

Be More with Less

OK, but I’m totally onboard what’s next?

Right, well if you’re as keen as I was you probably want to dive right in. Which is great. I love the enthusiasm.

But, I’ve also learned since starting my own capsule wardrobe that there’s definitely advantages to having a process. I also know what an overwhelming amount of stuff there is out there around capsule wardrobes.

So I’m planning on writing a series of posts, breaking down the process that’s worked for me. I’ll also be including lots of helpful links (in manageable chunks) to hook you up with some great tools and resources. Cause I like to share like that.

A series aimed at makers on how to create a capsule wardrobe you love.

I also hope this will be useful to you even if you have gone through the process already. Since I started 2 years ago I’ve been slowly learning that there are lots of different approaches you can take and that some work better at different times in your life.

Plus, I’m going to really focus on those me-mades. Sharing how I manage the process of letting go some of my makes (painlessly) and tips for makers on creating a beloved handmade capsule wardrobe.

So, here’s how I see this serries breaking down. Over the next few months I’m going to break down each of the key elements of creating a capsule wardrobe:

  • Nailing what works for you
  • Finding your inspiration
  • Refining your focus
  • Editing your wardrobe
  • Planning your capsule wardrobe
  • Pulling it all together – a peek inside my wardrobe
  • For makers: top patterns for a capsule wardrobe
  • For makers: fabric considerations

Funnily enough I’ve been noticing a change in my style recently so am going to be using myself as a test case and share how the process can help. I’d love it if you joined along too.

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A series aimed at makers on how to create a capsule wardrobe you love.

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    Thankyou! This is just the kind of thing I need to get me started. Really looking forward to the series!

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    Really excited for this perspective!

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    Super! I’m really interesting in your ideas for makers.

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    Lisa Kisch

    I absolutely love this. I’m in! I don’t want to just blindly make stuffβ€” I want to LOVE everything I make!

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    Dream Aloud

    Super! I love this…the handmade capsule wardrobe is a long work πŸ˜€

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    This is exactly for me. I love to sew clothes but don’t always end up wearing them so this is what I’m interested in learning about.

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    shehnaz kadri

    Really like the post>all are really of good help especially for the beginners. The pictures and illustration are very well explained.

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    I’ve been following along from afar this season, but re-reading this post has definitely got me thinking about taking the maker capsule plunge in 2018. Thanks for capturing this all in one place!

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      Thanks for commenting Victoria! I have so many more posts on this planned so do be sure to keep an eye on this space. Hoping to have something that will speak to anyone – from fully store-bought wardrobes to maker capsules and anyone in-between πŸ˜„

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    Thanks for sharing this post. I found lots of effective info in this post. Thanks again πŸ™‚

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    Sew For

    I absolutely love this. I’m in! I don’t want to just blindly make stuffβ€” I want to LOVE everything I make!

    Thank for sharing!

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    I absolutely love this. I don’t want to just blindly make stuffβ€” I want to LOVE everything I make!

    Thank Elena for sharing!

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