A Craftsy app review

Craftsy sewing app review with Argos

Craftsy sewing app review

Guys, I have a confession to make. I am probably the most un-techie person you’ll ever meet. True story.

Solid examples: my phone doesn’t get internet it’s literally so old it could have been taken on the ark with Noah). I still sew on my old sewing machine from 2001. I managed to ruin our ancient ipod by putting it in the washing machine.

The only thing that makes me feel even slightly 2014 is my iPad mini (like one of these beautiesΒ here). I bought it about 2 years ago – as soon as I started commuting to London for work (1 1/2 hours door to door – ouch).

But 2 years on I’m still stumbling my way through the whole wide world of apps. I have all the social media apps, and some awesome photo apps, but don’t really use my ipad for anything else.

Craftsy sewing app review

So I was pretty stoked whenΒ ArgosΒ asked me to have a think about apps that would be great for sewers. Wait – you mean you can use an ipad for something other than social media and photos?

Say What!?

Since then I’ve have been spending some quality time with the Craftsy app. Have you come across this beauty yet?

Craftsy sewing app review

What’s this Craftsy App?

The Craftsy app is from the people behind Craftsy – a giant online bank of craft classes. The app let”s you keep all your classes in one handy, portable place. Aces if you’re like me – with little space around your sewing machine it’s handy to have classes on the ipad so you can follow along (without balancing your laptop precariously on your knee).

How can it help crafty types?

I gave the free Craftsy zipper masterclass a go and must say I was quite impressed. I’m still slightly perplexed by zippers (it’s my sewing kryptonite) so it was good to have a refresher. I’ve got my eye on a few other classes as well – the serger class looks aces.


So now that I’ve been brought up to speed – have you got any good apps that you would recommend? I’m pretty excited about the idea of getting more use out of my ipad.

And heck, if I’ve tempted you to give a new ipad a whirl – you can find some here atΒ Argos.

This post is in collaboration with Argos. All opinions and words are my own (’cause that’s just how I roll).

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