Let’s make some fun placemats

easy DIY placemat how to

We all know how good it is to eat dinner at the table. But how nice is it to eat dinner off of your own sassy, DIY placemats? Answer: very.

I wanted a simple project with big pizazz (kinda like the ever popular simple cushion cover). This project is super easy – totally doable in an afternoon. Not only did I feel we needed it after the last few long-ish how to sew sessions, but it also fits in nicely with the new project-by-project rundown that now lives in the new look sidebar.

There’ll be texture. There’ll be graphic prints. And I’ve thrown in a quirky touch, just to keep things interesting. So, I hope you join in next week when the sewing fun begins.

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    yes! I'll be joining in… Can't way to see how you do it so that I can learn and try it myself!

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    I bought some fabric with plans to make a table runner. I was hoping to make something not too humdrum. Maybe I will be able to incorporate some of your ideas into my runner!

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