Inspirational art

I’m finding myself at home a little more often these days and with a bit less work to do than usual, I’m feeling in need of daily dose of inspiration. You know, something to put a bit of pep in my step.

So, I’ve been thinking of getting some sort of inspirational / motivating art for the study where I do most of my work. But, I’m struggling to find the right thing to frame.

Do I go with something uplifting?

Or something a little bit funnier? I’m even thinking of maybe making my own. Any thoughts… what would you have framed?

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    Haha, I like the second one!

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    Hena Tayeb

    Holy Shit Balls, I am awesome!

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    Anna @ Miss Beatrix

    I like them all! It's got to be something that will lift and motivate you every day and not blend in so you stop noticing it.

    Anna. x

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    Michelle Y

    Loving the last one! Thanks for the lovely comment.

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    I think it should be something that makes you smile every time you see it.

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    Thanks for all the comments everyone… still undecided but it's good to hear your thoughts 🙂

    x Elena

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