2015 was the year I decided to build myself a meaningful wardrobe.

Pretty much from scratch.

the key to a successful capsule wardrobe is all about using team players. Read more on Randomly Happy

Oh, and this perfect meaningful wardrobe? It had to be handmade by me. 

Ticket for one to crazy town?

Most definitely. Guys, it's pretty darn hard to make pretty much 80% of your perfect capsule closet from scratch. WIth a baby. And a job. And high standards. 

Phew. I almost knocked myself out. Surprised?

I'm not. 🙂

But I've mellowed and done some great learning along the way. 


It's pretty simple really, I like reaching into my (very small) closet and putting on something well-made, well-loved and that has a history. Something that I know will be a good friend for a long time. 

Sure it would be MUCH easier to just go out and buy whatever clothes I want. But carefully mending or updating what I have, making my own clothes, and making sustainable choices means I really think about what I need, rather than just making impulse purchases. I feel like it helps me live with more thoughtfulness and intent.

My reduced closet can be limiting. I don't always have the 'perfect' dress/top/trousers to wear. But my small wardrobe certainly  is more meaningful. 


I'm slowly building a meaningful, capsule wardrobe making and thrifting most of my wardrobe, and making ethical choices when I need to buy something new.  

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Let's make it meaningful!