Grainline Studio Archer shirt with Atelier Brunette fabric

A sweet artelier brunette grainline archer

Grainline Studio Archer shirt in Atelier Brunette

So, I’ve gone and surprised myself by falling in love with sewing shirts.

I’m not going to lie – sewing shirts can seem scary. But guys, you have got to get on board. This Grainline Studio atcher shirt is one of the most satisfying sews I’ve done in a long while.

Grainline Studio Archer shirt in Atelier Brunette

Sure I was intimidated at first (all those pattern pieces, button hole placement, sleeves – yikes!) but sewing Jen’s Grainline Studio archer was really painless.

Her instructions are ace and the pattern comes together really easily. Jen is my pattern hero.

I hardly modified anything – apart from bringing in the sleeves and sides. But that was probably much more to do with me selecting one size bigger than I needed (I’m always doing that. I need to learn to cut my size!)

Grainline Studio Archer shirt in Atelier Brunette

I’m particularly in love with the details. Like the two pleats at the cuffs.

Grainline Studio Archer shirt in Atelier Brunette

And the pleat at the back.

Grainline Studio Archer shirt in Atelier Brunette

I’m a little less convinced about my choice of buttons. They’re ivory and slightly sparkly. They look a little off to me. Looking at these photos it looks like I managed to misplace the buttons too. Drat.

Well, heck, it’s sure not a bad attempt at my first shirt.

Grainline Studio Archer shirt in Atelier Brunette

And can we talk about this lush cotton fabric for a second? It’s Bye Bye birdie in blush by the stunning French company Atelier Brunette. Swoon. It’s got the most amazing drape. Really soft but holds up well.

The only downer is that I’m struggling wear it. I don’t want to cover it up with a sweater, but its too cold to wear on its own. I’m thinking I may need to wait till summer to really get the most out of it.

But, hey, now I’m addicted to making shirts. Which has got to be a good thing.

I’m already on the look out for my next archer fabric but struggling to find something that isn’t too, well, shirty. Super business woman is definitely not my persona. Anyone know of any cracking lightweight fabrics with a lovely drape?

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    I think the shirt is the next big challenge on my to make list, but all those pattern pieces are more than a little intimidating! Your looks really great – that back pleat is such a nice detail, and the fabric is lovely. I have the black/white version, but haven't used it yet! Maybe I'll be brave and venture into shirt territory…

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      Lizzy – you should definitely try making a shirt. Heck if I can do it in my massive sleep deprived state than anyone can!

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    It would be really cute if you jazzed it up like this J. Crew top. Now that wouldn't be corporate!

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    Nikki Banham-Hall

    Really cute shirt. Let's catch up soon!

    Nikki x
    Bead It and Weep

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    Billie Jules

    I just love everything about it … The pattern, the color, the fabric, … And it's your first shirt? Impressive. While reading this I'm tempted to give it a try!

    1. Reply

      Thanks Billie! You should definitely try shirt making. I'm addicted now! And I don't usually wear shirts!

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