Deer & Doe plantain

A fleet of plantains

Deer & Doe plantain T-shirt

Guys, I may have a problem.

I now have 4Β Deer & Doe plantains under my belt. And I can’t seem to stop.

But to be fair, I don’t really think it’s my fault.

The drafting of this pattern is brilliant. Fitted at the bust with a slight flare at the hips. It’s crazy flattering. And… It’s free. Total win.

I wanted to use some jersey I had in my stash…

deer and doe plantain

… including this leopard print viscose (seen previously as a DIY pattern skirt)…

Deer & Doe plantain T-shirt

… and this white jersey.

Deer & Doe plantain T-shirt

I ended up liking the pattern so much I bought some pretty peach knit from Walthamstow market…

Deer & Doe plantain T-shirt

… and some striped jersey from the lovely ladies at Sew Over It.

These plantains were all satisfyingly easy to whip up and I managed to make a few modifications as I went along (like adding cuffs and pockets). You can read more about my adventures with the plantains at the end of the post.

White 3/4 plantain

My first plantain was this 3/4 length sleeve version, made with a soft cotton jersey from the ol’ stash drawer.

I followed the instructions and it came together really quickly. Nice.

Deer & Doe plantain T-shirt

I cut a straight size 38 based on my measurements and it’s come up a bit loose, but to be fair, I actually kinda like the drape.

I did kinda mess up the neckline a little. I didn’t transfer the neckline markings to the fabric, so the neckband puckers a little bit. But that’s only if you look really close and are super picky. And, heck, life’s too short to worry about puckering, right?

Leopard plantain

My second plantain was this short sleeve version with pocket, made with some viscose jersey I had in my stash from this skirt (I was on a serious stash busting mission that weekend). The drape on this fabric isΒ unreal. Bonkers amazing.

Deer & Doe plantain T-shirt

I cut another size 38 and drafted the pocket myself (basically by drawing and cutting out a pointy rectangle).

This time I remember to transfer the neckline markings and the neckband is 100% perfect. Aces.

Pink plantain with cuffs

Deer & Doe plantain T-shirt

My third plantain was made up in this pink viscose from Walthamstow market. Another fabric with a drape of dreams.

I really wanted to experiment with cuffs and was aiming for cuffs similar to those on this Inari dress. I cut two rectangles the length of the sleeve by 2″ wide and attached them to the bottom of the sleeve after I sewed the side seams.

I don’t hate them, but the cuffs came out a bit too narrow so I’ll experiment making them wider next time. If I add cuffs again, I would also attach the cuff before sewing the side seam and shrink the cuff length wise by about 10% to get a snugger fit.

Striped 3/4 sleeve plantain

Deer & Doe plantain

I LOVE me some stripes (and jazzy stripe matching) and found this lovely cotton jersey from Sew Over It.

I wanted something more fitted and modest – something that I could easily sneak into my work wardrobe. So for this version I cut a straight size 36 and raised the neckline by 2″.

Deer & Doe plantain T-shirtI didn’t quite nail the neckline though. I forgot to redraft the neckband to take into account the raised neckline. So the neckband doesn’t lay as flat as I’d like. It’s not a total deal breaker, but it’s something definitely to remember.

  1. Reply

    Love all of your versions, I agree this is a great pattern.

    1. Reply

      Totally agree – keen to try out some more of their patterns now!

  2. Reply
    Nathalie Sews

    wow 4 at once! I love all your small details to make them different.

    1. Reply

      Thanks – wish I had nailed those cuffs though…

  3. Reply

    they look fabulous, must try this patter

    1. Reply

      Do – you won't be disappointed!

  4. Reply

    These all look great. And really make me want to sew some more plantains!

    1. Reply

      Such an addictive and satisfying pattern, right?

  5. Reply
    Rachel Colley

    These all look great! My favourite shape is the 3/4 length sleeve and favourite colour is the pink viscose! How talented πŸ™‚

    1. Reply

      Aww thanks Rachel. I love the peachy-pink one too. The drape is ah-mazing!

  6. Reply

    I love ALL your plantains! Actually, and this is weird for me, I particularly love the two plain ones. They just look so pro. You nailed it! You could have said you bought them from some quality t-shirt store and I'd have believed you…

    1. Reply

      Well, Sophie, you're obviously now my favourite person ever. Thanks so much!

  7. Reply
    Nicole from

    Oh, I love them all. I told you you'd get addicted to the Plantain! That's why I have 5 shirts and 2 dresses, and still need more!

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