Grainline Studio Morris blazer

A knit morris blazer

Grainline Studio morris blazer knit version

Hello, now what have we here? Has it gone all business time at RH HQ?

Kinda. But how could you not be seduced by this blazer – the newest pattern from Grainline Studios?

Of course we all know that I’m a dedicated fan of all things Grainline (including the moss skirt, archer shirt and hemlock tee). And like all of Jen’s patterns this blazer is one corker of a pattern.

Grainline Studio morris blazer knit version

I love that Jen has drafted this for knits as well as stretch woven fabrics. I had been obsessing over knit blazer last summer and couldn’t find any that I liked. Now I can make a whole fleet of these beauties. Horray!

Full disclosure: this is my first time ever attempting a blazer. It’s a bit wobbly in bits because I was in a rush to get it done (I’m so impatient!).But, you know what, I’m actually pretty alright with the final result.

Grainline Studio morris blazer knit version

The fabric’s a navy, medium-weight ponte that I had in my stash from last summer. Pretty versatile I think.

It all came together really quickly and the instructions were pretty easy to follow. I had a few head-scratching moments, but I think the sew-along that Jen’s planning will help anyone who might get really stuck.

Grainline Studio morris blazer knit version

I’ve been wearing this beauty as a cardigan alternative at home. It’s slouchy and comfortable. I’ve even worn it to the office and it’s blended in. Man, this blazer is versatile. And there’s some good versions around the web too – like Katie’s, Gillian’s, Ginger’s and Lizzie’s.

This is definitely my favourite make from this month and am desperately searching for a stretch woven to make up another version.

So what do you think? Are you keen on the pattern and are planning to make your own? Or have you got another favourite pattern you think I should be scoping out?

Pattern: the Morris blazer from Grainline Studios.

Fabric:Β I was super keen to get started so I used some navy ponte knit I had in my stash. It’s medium weight with a lovely drape. Perfect for a casual blazer/jazzed up cardigan alternative.

Grainline morris blazer knit version

What changes did you make to the pattern or construction?

I followed the instructions straight through. I think Jen’s now put a sewalong together which is probably worth checking out. Jen’s sewalongs are always really great.

I cut a straight size 6 based on the finished measurements. I find Jen’s patterns are always a bit roomy on me, so choosing the pattern based on the finished measures works for me.

I’m happy with the fit. I think I might toy with narrowing the width between the shoulder and the neck, since the shoulder seam hits me in the upper arm rather than the top of my shoulder. Or I might cut a smaller size in the shoulder and grade out. Not quite sure there, any ideas, oh ye sewing pros of the interweb?

Grainline Studio morris blazer knit version

What are you most proudΒ of?

I mean, a blazer guys. I made a blazer!

Sure it’s not lined so it’s not s-u-p-e-r complicated, but still. There were a few bits of the process that I found a bit confusing – mostly around the facings/collar instructions and the final finishing. It seems like a few other bloggers agree with me.Β But I’m sure Jen’s sewalong would help with that. I practically live on her pages when I’m putting together an Archer.

Next Time

When I’m wearing this the facing keeps turning out to reveal the interfacing (I think a few other bloggers have mentioned the same thing), so I think I’ll have to pop in a few invisible stitches to keep everything in place. No biggie.

I’m really keen to try this is a stretch woven. Something with a bit more texture. I also really love the idea of using a contrasting fabric for the lapels or arms.

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    I love your Morris and I just finished mine last night. It is a great pattern.

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