Thread Theory camas blouse

A woven camas blouse

 Thread Theory camas blouse Indiesew blogger network

I have a confession. I am a pattern stalker.

I find patterns that I love and then I obsess about them. I stalk the internet for other people’s makes. Hunt down potential fabrics. And then…

… I do nothing.

I have about 30 projects like that. Just waiting to be made.

Thread Theory camas blouse Indiesew blogger network

But this little beauty is different. I’ve been obsessing over this pattern – Thread Theory’s camas blouse  – since it came out a few moths ago.

It’s my perfect work shirt. Totally legit for the office but not too business-y that I feel like a severe boss lady.

And… I finally got round to making it this month as part of Indiesew’s blogging team.

Thread Theory camas blouse Indiesew blogger network

I’m wearing it here with a second pair of woven True Bias Hudsons (you can see my first pair here).

I’ll admit, it’s altogether a bit too drapey for work (and I’m not sure I would get away with clogs at the office), but it’s suuuuuuper comfy.

Thread Theory camas blouse Indiesew blogger network

So here’s the thing – I like the blouse, but don’t love it. Which makes me a little sad.

I think the fabric let me down on this. It has a beautiful drape but it was super slippery. A total mother ucker to work with.

And super crease-y. Which means I’ll need to iron this all the time. Boo.

Thread Theory camas blouse Indiesew blogger network

If I could do it all again I would definitely swap this fabric out for something much easier – like a soft chambray or one of those lovely cottons from Atelier Brunette.

But hey. You live and learn right?

Are you stalking any pattern at the moment? Which ones are on your radar to make (and are any work appropriate)?

Pattern:  Thread Theory’s camas blouse c/o Indiesew.

Fabric: This was made up in a very lightweight woven, viscose-y type fabric. I bought it at the Textile Centre in Walthamstow market. It was less than £2 a metre.

What changes do you make to the pattern or construction?

This pattern is recommended for knit fabrics, but I really wanted something a bit smarter to wear to work and plumed for a woven.

I asked Morgan if she had any tips – she suggested sewing the arms and top sleeves with a 1cm seam allowance (instead of 1.5cm). It worked pretty well. The arms fit no problem, and there’s a good range of movement.

I cut a straight size 8, based on my bust measurement. The pattern is fitted along the shoulders, but there’s tons of extra fabric gathered in at the front and back yokes. I found it a little too roomy for me to be fair.

I followed the instructions (because that’s just how I roll). They were pretty clear – apart from the placket instructions. The picture didn’t quite clarify that the long curve of the neckband had to be attached first. But that could also have been me exhausted by the fabric by that point.

I chose to use a different fabric for the inside yoke and placket pieces. I like the contrast. Makes it feel a bit jolly, don’t you think?

I couldn’t face putting in button holes, so I chose the option where you stitch the buttons on through all the layers of the placket. I think it worked pretty OK.

What are you most proud of?

The fabric’s got a beautiful drape, but it was a total mother ucker to work with. Hence that puckering around the plackets. I had to retrace the pattern several times pre-cutting because the fabric kept shifting. Bah.

If I could go back in time and choose a different fabric for this pattern I would probably opt for a lightweight cotton. But, hey, at least I worked with a difficult fabric and came out OK.

What would you do differently next time?

I think I would be tempted to redraft the body to reduce some of the volume, or experiment with cutting a smaller size under the yokes. If I made this up in a knit (as recommended) I would definitely size down.

There’s some puckering around the left placket (the right side in the photos) which bums me out. Not sure what happened there. Probably linked to my impatience with the fabric by the time it came to cutting the placket pieces. I was so over the fabric at this point – and I hadn’t even touched it with my machine. Not a good sign.

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    Love the whole outfit! I was looking at it going, hmm, are those pants hand-made too? And then they were! I keep eyeing off this pattern too and doing nothing about it also.

    1. Reply

      Aww thanks Sophie. Glad you like the whole ensemble (I was worried I might look like a giant blueberry!)

  2. Reply
    Nikki Banham-Hall

    I like this shirt! I still have my hemlock tee and my coco dress to make.
    We should catch up soon

    Nikki x

    1. Reply

      Yes to a catch up! Hemlock is definitely worth a crack. Super, super easy + and the style would be perfect on you!

  3. Reply

    Super cute shirt and outfit overall – you should proud!

  4. Reply
    Veronica Darling

    I'm stalking the Blue Ginger Doll patterns… I last looked at her patterns and there was just the one dress… then looked this week and there are zillions! WOW!

    Maybe Casual Fridays you could pull this off for a work outfit? You look lovely in this shade!

    1. Reply

      Blue Ginger Doll patterns are definitely worth stalking. Just finding which to prioritise.

      Thanks for the vote of confidence. I was worried I might seem too relaxed (and too blue!)

  5. Reply
    Fabric Tragic

    Oh I've got this on my winter list, first as a cardigan in a knit, then in a navy silk woven…. You know, there's always going to be projects that just don't live up to expectations – I'm just pleased you've still posted it despite it being a sponsored post, and know where you might be able to improve next time. Sometimes the sewing blogosphere can be a little bit too chipper and perfect – when real life definitely isn't! Good luck with the next version!

    1. Reply
      Fabric Tragic

      And ps, I think the fit is lovely – apart from the misbehaving placket it's rather chic!

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    prashanth zinnga

    Nice blog..Awesome outfit.It is looking simple and trendy.
    Thanks for sharing….

  7. Reply
    Caroline O'Reilly

    Style looks lovely on you. But you got what you paid for with the fabric and sadly it makes the shirt look cheap. Treat this like a muslin and splash out on a decent fabric now you have the fit. It would look lovely in a silk. Treat yourself.

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