True Bias Hudson pants

Woven true bias hudson pants

Handmade Wardrobe: a pair of True Bias Hudson pants in a woven fabric (of joy)

Guys. I am in love. I am in love with this absolute corker of a trouser pattern. I’m serious. If you want it, you’re going to have to pry the pattern from my cold, dead hands.

Or buy your own. Whatever.

Handmade Wardrobe: a pair of True Bias Hudson pants in a woven fabric (of joy)

I’ve been stalking this pattern for a while. Then after being asked to be part of the Indiesew blogger team I knew it was time to step up and makes something awesome – similar to this great pair of real world trousers.

These beauties are also surprisingly flattering for a pair of trousers with an elasticated waist. Comfortable AND flattering. Isn’t that the holy grail of clothes?

Handmade Wardrobe: a pair of True Bias Hudson pants in a woven fabric (of joy)

The pattern is the Hudson pant by the lovely Kelli of True Bias. A slouchy trouser with a tapered leg, and, wait for it… an elasticated waist. Hello ultimate road trip trousers.

There’s a very clear sew along on Kelli’s blog, plus some handy advice on using the pattern for woven fabrics (as the pattern’s originally for knit fabrics).

Handmade Wardrobe: a pair of True Bias Hudson pants in a woven fabric (of joy)

I loved how quick and easy these were to make. It took less than a day (and that’s including an hour or so lost to undoing a few ill-fated French seams of doom).

I’ve included a bit more on construction details at the end if you’re into that sort of thing.

True Bias Hudson pants in a woven

In other news – I’ve been on a bit of trouser spree. I’ve been making two pairs for my mamma from a pattern she self drafted.

Here we are kicking it blogger style in our handmade trousers. As you do.

True Bias Hudson pants in a woven

So, I think I’ll just keep up my trouser spree.

I’m 100% tempted to make another woven pair of Hudsons, something similar to this pair. That fabric sure is gorgeous, isn’t it?

Have you tried making trousers yet, or are they still a no go area? Do you have a favourite pattern?

The pattern was kindly provided by Indiesew for being part of their blogger team. All thoughts and opinions are my own. Cause that’s just how I roll. 

Pattern:  True Bias Hudson pants, adapting it for woven fabrics.

Fabric: Pretty awesome right? It’s a poly blend of some sort by John Kaldor. I bought it in the John Lewis clearance section for half price. Score. It’s a bit sheer so I choose to underline it with some drapey lining I bought in Italy.

What changes did you make to the pattern or construction?

I followed Kelli’s instructions to use this pattern with a woven fabric. I added 1 1/2″ to the pocket and pocket facing but totally forgot to add length to the hem. Oh well. They’re capris rather than pants. I’m OK with that.

I cut a straight size 10 following Kelli’s advice to cut a 2 sizes bigger if using woven instead of knit. I love the fit, but the insides are a hot mess. Next time I’d cut 3 sizes up to leave some room to finish with French seams.

I also left out the pocket detail, the topstitching on the waistband, the cuffs, and the drawstring waist.

What are you most proud of?

This all came together well, but this fabric and underlining was a mother ucker to work with. Not adapted to my usual slapdash approach.

Still, even with my haphazard, gun-ho attitude they still came out well. Though I think that’s more the busy print that’s able to hide a multitude of sins. Thank you print of dreams. Thank you.

What would you do differently next time?

If I were to do it again I’d use a rotary cutter and cut one piece out at a time (rather than cutting two pieces at once). Then be sure to baste everything securely.

I’ll add 2 – 3″ to the hem. That’s way more than I need, but I’d like to experiment with cuffs. I might even try Coco Loft’s suggestion of adding 1″ to the inseam – just to loosen up the taper at the bottom.

And, depending on how adventurous I’m feeling, I may even try the pocket detail in a funky faux leather. Yup. I went there.
  1. Reply
    Marike Smit

    Love your pants! Don't worry, I will go buy my own pattern:P

  2. Reply

    I have made the Hudsons, but my body shape just really doesn't suit them – they are definitely inside-the-house only! Next time, I'm going to try opening up the taper to make them more straight-legged to see if that some point I will try making a more fitted trouser, but this pattern is much closer to my skill level for now 🙂

    1. Reply

      Hey Hollie,

      I can totally relate. I wan't too sure that these would suit me, but I think the drapey woven fabric really helps make the trousers super flattering.

      I reckon you should give it another go – woven all the way!

      Elena x

  3. Reply
    Whitney Deal

    Okay, I'm in love — need to sew up a pair soon!

  4. Reply
    Nathalie Sews

    I love the Hudson pants. I have made 2 pairs so far, black and grey. Seeing your pair wants to make me want to try a pair in a woven fabric.

  5. Reply

    Super cute! I love your fabric choice. This is definitely a pattern that is on my radar to try out.

  6. Reply

    Great choice of fabric, I never find inspiring fabric in John Lewis. Your trousers are very stylish.

  7. Reply
    Fabric Tragic

    They are great! I've made a pair in an amazing Art Deco fan jacquard ponte that I love beyond all measure. I've got some chambray in the stash for a woven pair too, and maybe some gold printed linen…. So little time!

    1. Reply

      Chambray – my total favourite fabric. I think the key for these looking good in woven is that the fabric has to have a really soft drape. Maybe chambray is too heavy?

      I'm really tempted to make another pair in jersey so I can look totally legit chilling out at home. Your art deco pair sound epic!

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