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How to print fabric with Stitch Craft Create

how to print fabric Zeena Shah

So you guys know I’m a big fan of printing on fabric (even if it’s something I haven’t had much time for lately).

I’m really drawn to random, slightly imperfect patterns and, sadly, that’s not always something that’s easy to find.

Then I was asked if I wanted a peak at  Zeena‘s new book – How To Print Fabric. I’ve been quietly following Zeena’s work for a while now (and I’m not alone, Kirsty Allsop’s a fan and Zeena’s been on The Apprentice) so I was really curious to see what her book had to say about printing.

how to print fabric Zeena Shah

Well, guys I can definitely tell you this book is seriously full of awesomeness. Zeena has some really great, easily accessible printing techniques. And lots of great project ideas too.

how to print fabric Zeena Shah

Mmm… Look at that metallic goodness.

Taking How To Print Fabric for a spin

I wanted to try out one of the techniques for myself so I went for this simple pencil eraser method (there was also a lint roller technique which I’m super keen to try out for an upcoming project – stay tuned for that one).

I used metallic gold and plain brown fabric paint and printed on some spare calico/rough cotton I had in my stash. I love how it’s come out all tonal and restful.

I want to make a hard-wearing make up bag and am keen to use this as the lining. I’m planning on using a grey oilcloth for the outside, so I think this will compliment it nicely. Don’t you think?

how to print fabric Zeena Shah

So I know it’s simple, but I’m really keen to do this technique again. I was thinking I could modify the pencil eraser technique by triming the eraser into a triangle shape. Then I would have a repeating triangle pattern – which let’s be honest, would be awesome.

how to print fabric Zeena Shah

Horay for inspirational books, right? What about you, have you tried printing on fabric before? Have you got any favourite techniques, or are you still not sure the whole paint and mess is for you?

I only ever share products and people I think you’ll like as much as I do (because sharing is caring).This post was brought to you in partnership with Stitch Craft Create. All thoughts and opinions are 100% my own. 

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    I haven't printed fabric, but I'm going to look for this book! You're so right, the random polka dots or other small print are so tough to find, but so great when you can find them!

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      I know – I practically feel out of my chair when I came across Atelier Brunette. Great fabric, but still, nice to print your own so it's 100% what you want.

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    Fabric Tragic

    This does look great! Such a coincidence I've got some bronze fabric paint and white voile I want to play with to make a shirt. You've got me fired up! Thank you!

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