Killer guide to making the ultimate DIY t-shirt | adding cuffs to sleeves

 An easy tutorial on adding rolled sleeves to a DIY t-shirt
Am I wrong, or is there nothing better than a slouchy t-shirt with softly rolled up cuffs? They look pretty awesome. And, the best bit is that they’re really easy to do. Score.

An easy tutorial on adding rolled sleeves to a DIY t-shirt

All you need to do is add some fabric and roll away. 15 minutes of work and you’ll walk away with an excellent, well-finished t-shirt. Check you out.

I’ve also slightly altered the original pattern to have a rounder neck, deeper dip hem, and straight sleeves.

An easy tutorial on adding rolled sleeves to a DIY t-shirt


Cunningly, I’ve put the pattern alterations on the Randomly Happy Facebook page. I’m hoping that means you’ll go check out the page and let me know what you think. Sneaky, right?
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How to add cuffs to a DIY t-shirt

You will need:

a t-shirt (make your own following the instructions here and here)
2 rectangles of fabric, 6 cm wide and twice as long as the arm holes on your pattern (or equal to the distance all the way around your sleeves plus 3 cm)
sewing machine, ballpoint needles, iron, pins

An easy tutorial on adding rolled sleeves to a DIY t-shirt

1. Take one rectangle, match up the short sides (the side that measures 6 cm). Sew this together using a straight stitch and 1.5 cm seam allowance. Repeat for the other rectangle.

2. You should now have two closed bands of fabric. Take one band and with wrong side facing up put the band over one sleeve of the t- shirt (right sides together).

3. Pull the band all the way over the sleeve so that most of the band is over the sleeve and the inner edge is well over the sleeve. Match the outer edge of the band to the outer edge of the sleeve. Pin and sew using a straight stitch. Repeat for the other sleeve.

4. Now you should have an add extra bit add to your sleeve. Perfect for cuffing. I rolled mine twice (folding towards the t-shirt, not away) and used an invisible stitch to keep the cuffs from unrolling. But, hey, they’re your cuffs. You can roll as much, or as little as you like.

5. Wear in all their sloucy, awesome glory.

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    great alteration. nothing like a slouchy tee in the heat of summer. who wants sleeves that cling? No me!

  2. Reply

    True story… I ordered fabric to make this top and the store ran out and couldn't ship it to me. 🙁

    Off to find some more fabric now. 🙂

  3. Reply
    Nikki Banham-Hall

    Hi El!

    I love this t-shirt. I can't wait to make it.

    Are you free soon for some crafting? We need to finish our project.

    Nikki x @ Bead It and Weep

  4. Reply
    House of Tong

    ill admit that i LOVE cuffs on sleeves. gives them character!

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