The ultimate guide to sewing a killer DIY dress | choosing fabric

 The ultimate guide to sewing the perfect DIY dress. How to choose the perfect fabric for your DIY dress. Snazzy. | Randomly Happy

Alright team, let’s make a dress. I’ve talked a little bit about choosing fabrics before but for this project we’re going to want our dresses to be soft and flattering, so let’s talk about fabrics that’ll fit the bill.
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The ultimate guide to picking fabric for a DIY dress

Crepe de chine

Soft, silky, lightweight. This is my top choice for the ultimate problem-area skimming dress. Tends to be matt with a slight bit of texture which I think works really well on such a simple dress shape.


Beautiful fabric. Comes in various weights and with different degrees of shininess (shininess – new sewing lingo I’ve developed just for you). Tad on the pricey side for me, but if you want to make this an epic dress for a knock-em-dead event, then go for this.

Silk blend (also poly-silk blend)

A good alternative to silk as it’s a bit cheaper. Drapes really well and comes in a variety of weights. Go for a light weight as this will work the best for this type of project.
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    Picking out fabric can be the funnest part of a project, except for wearing the finished garment that it is!
    Rayon is also great for dresses, it drapes like silk and feels like cotton.

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    I need to get some suitable fabric so I can follow this series. 🙂


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    I love to learn different fabrics

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