The total beginner’s guide to sewing a DIY skirt | easy pockets

 The total beginner's guide to adding pockets to a DIY skirt. A totally easy tutorial showing you how to add pockets to a a DIY skirt | Randomly Happy

Time to get stuck into one of my sewing favourites: pockets. They may not be terribly rock n’roll but I just love them. Whenever I find them in skirts I give a little whoop of joy (well, silently. In my head).

And you won’t believe how easy it is to measure and add your own pockets. Seriously.

The hardest part is probably deciding on your fabric. Do you stick to the same material as the rest of the garment, or add a clashing/contrasting/flowery/striped fabric? Heck, it’s all good – just try and keep the fabrics the same thickness/type (this just gives you a better line).

So convinced the DIY pockets are for you? Below I’ll show you how to add them to a skirt. You can use any pattern, but if you’re keen to make your own DIY skirt, using your very own measurements, then check out this handy beginner’s guide to making your own DIY skirt pattern.


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The total beginner’s guide to sewing a DIY skirt | easy pockets

You will need:

material of your choice (great use for fabric scraps), roughly about 50cm x 50cm

Tailor’s chalk/fabric pen

the easiest pocket tutorial (ever)

1. Fold your scrap of fabric in half.

the easiest pocket tutorial (ever)

2. Put one hand palm side down with fingers slightly spread on the fabric.

3. Use your hand as a guide and draw around it. the shape you’re going for should look like half a heart.

the easiest pocket tutorial (ever)

4. Cut this shape out.

5. You should have two heart-shaped pieces.

the easiest pocket tutorial (ever)

6. Cut the two hearts in half.

7. Bam. Your pockets are ready to go.

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    That is so helpful, I can't tell you how many dress I have that I wish had pockets.

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    McKenna Ryan

    This is such a great tutorial to have pinned! Thanks for this my dear. xx. McKenna Lou

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    Hey, i’m in love with all of your stuff 🙂

    And i just wanted to inform you, that there is a typo in the link for the DIY Pattern, the y in happy is missing!

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