How to make a fast and easy friendship bracelet

Lately I’ve been rather besotted with the idea of making bracelets out of thread. Friendship bracelets. Little tube bracelets. Knotting things into bracelets. I like them all.

Maybe they’re a bit too old-school. Maybe they’re a bit faddy. Who cares. They’re cheap to make and I think they kinda add a bit of pizzaz to outfits. The more eagle-eyed among you might have noticed they’ve been creeping into all manner of outfit shots. Hey, when I’m committed. I’m committed.

This one is my favourite. I used the clasp from an old necklace that was getting absolutely zero quality time outside my closet. There’s a few mistakes, which normally might drive me crazy, but I made it during the last week of the Olympics. All the little mistakes are when I was distracted by some epic win.

So, in honour of this new fancy of mine Nikki of Boy and Bunny and I have got together to make a series of posts. All about making a bracelets for you to stack up, give away, or just admire.

Other places you may want to look to get your fix: Honestly WTF and Claireabell Makes. And if you know of any others, or have your own, I’d love to hear about it.

ps thanks to Nikki for writing up the tutorials. She’s so clear with her descriptions. She’s also possibly a mummy as I type. Yikes!


An easy friendship bracelet


You will need:

Embroidery thread in 5 assorted colours.
Safety Pinand maybe a bead, charm or button


1 Cut your embroidery thread 6 times the length of your wrist. Easy.

2 Fold in half and tie a knot and fix to a table with tape. The knot will create a loop for the clasp. Make sure the loop is large enough to pass another knot or a bead through.

3 Organise the threads so the colours are the same on both sides and in a mirror image. Tedious but necessary.

4 Start with one set of colours.

5 Using the outside thread (in my photo the outside pink thread), make a figure 4 over the next thread (salmon coloured thread).

6 Pass the end of the pink thread back through the loop.

7 Pull tight up to the top knot. Move the pink thread back to the outside and repeat so you make two “pink” loops around the salmon thread. The pink thread is now the other side of the salmon thread. Repeat the two figure of 4 knots with the next thread.

8 Continue across all of the threads. The outside thread (pink) is now on the inside.

9 Move the left hand threads out the way and it’s time to start with the right hand threads. You are going to tie the same knots across the threads in the same colour order from the outside inwards.

10 Starting from the outside thread, make a backwards 4 shape with the pink thread across the salmon thread. 

11 Pass the pink thread under the salmon to create a loop. Pull the pink thread tight to the top knot.

12 Repeat the knot on the salmon thread. Continue across all four threads.

13 Both pink threads are now in the middle. Make two figure 4 knots to join the chevron together and the first colour is complete.

14 Start the process again with the next colour to build up the pattern.

15 Keep going until you get the bracelet length you want. Tie all the threads together into a knot.

16 You can either tie another knot to push through the loop to close the bracelet or, like I have, add a bead.


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    Lovely colours! Thanks for the mention 🙂

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    I wish I had the patience to make these. I started one and gave up on it a half hour later. It just took forever and it didn't look half as neat as your's. I remember making something similar in middle school where we had craft classes and macrame was the topic.

    xo Hanna

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    Thanks for the link love!

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