How to make a simple gemstone friendship bracelet

I don’t know about you, but as soon as the weather drops, I usually dive straight into dark colours.

But, after dipping my toe in the jewellery-making world, I thought I might try to add a cheerful bit of colour with this easy and simple bracelet made with gemstones and seed seeds. Extra bonus… I was able to use some beads from an old necklace.

Hope you all have a great weekend. We’ll be packing for an upcoming trip to visit my family in Italy. Hooray!


Simple gemstone friendship bracelet 

You will need:

(Elena – I used this tutorial, but it uses different coloured and types of beads – just in case you wonder why the pictures are different!)
7 strand gold beadalon wire

1 strand turquoise seed beads

x 2 2mm hexagon beadsx2 golds 15mm tube beads

x2 4mm coral rondelle beads

gold crimp beads

x2 6mm gold jump rings

gold clasp

1 Cut your beadalon wire about 5cm longer than the length of bracelet you want. (I have tiny wrists hence the small length of the beadalon in the photo.)

2 Attach one half of the clasp to a jump ring (instructions for opening and closing jump rings here.) Using a crimp bead attach one end of the beadalon to the jump ring (instructions for using a crimp bead here).

3 Measure the length of the clasp and brown rondelle beads on the beadalon. The rest of the bracelet is going to be made up of the small silver rondelle beads and the 4mm faceted amazonite beads. I wanted a 16cm long bracelet. The rondelle beads and clasp measured just under 6cm so I needed another 10cm of amazonite beads to make up the length. This worked out at approx 26 amazonite beads in total, 13 beads each side of the smoky quartz beads. I placed the small silver beads either side of the smoky quartz beads.

Alternatively you could just use trial and error with the beads, adding and removing beads until you get the length you want

4 Thread on all your beads on to the beadalon. Attach the other half of the clasp to another jump ring and crimp the other end of the bracelet to the jump ring.  Make sure before you crimp you pull the wire snug so there are no gaps along the bracelet.

5 Wear with lots of Italian attitude as you shasay through the airport 🙂

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    Haha like step #5! Beautiful simple bracelet! I love it!

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    Anna @ IHOD

    Such a beautiful piece! I love the colors you chose. I went through a big and bold phase and now I am gravitating to more simple wrist pieces like this. Very eye catching!

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