Make your own Kate Spade inspired wooden bead necklace


These beads had been hanging in my closet for years. I had tried to jazz them up by hanging them on some ribbon, throwing them over t-shirts. But in their plain state they were just a bit too boring and I never really wore them. They lived a sad life.


That was until Nikki decided to hatch a regular feature to run across both our blogs: the mighty craft off. We start with the same raw materials (like wooden beads) and see what each person comes up with. Hello new necklace, jazzed up with nail polish, a handful of gold beads, and the chain from an old necklace. Woop woop.

I wish I could take complete credit for this necklace, but I was inspired by a post on Herringbone Lane and helped in spades by Nikki who is an awesome jeweller. To be honest, I’m not too sure how far Nikki got with her craft off as I completely monopolised her help to finish my project. My bad!

I think I may have caught a bit of a bug, so expect to see more jewellery how tos in the future. In the meantime… I wonder if Nikki ever got round to finishing her craft off…


Make your own Kate Spade inspired wooden bead necklace


For the beads you will need:

wooden beads (obvious?)

paint or nail polish



holder (cardboard box or egg box)


Wrap the tape around your beads about half way. Make sure you really stick that tape down to get a nice clean edge. I used sellotape/scotch tape, but if you have painter’s tape even better.


Wrap the end of the tape around a toothpick. Your bead should look like the picture above (or better!).

Pop the free end of the toothpick into a holder to keep your bead steady while you paint it. Use paint or nail polish to paint around the untaped end of the bead.


This is the beads drying. I gave them three good coats of nail polish. If I’d wanted them to be extra shiny I could have gone over the whole bead with top coat I suppose. The world is your oyster.

To make the necklace

You will need:

flat nosed pliers

wire cutter


crimp beads

gold beads

wooden beads

a lobster clasp

jump rings



Use the crimping beads to secure the ends of the wire. See Nikki’s website for details on how to do this.


Thread the beads onto the wire, alternating gold beads with wooden beads. Close with another crimping bead.


Cut your chain in half. Take the wire with the beads on and attach one end to the chain with a jump ring. Repeat for the other side.



Now you should have one giant wooden bead chain. On one end attach a jump ring and a lobster clasp, on the other attach a jump ring.


Wear with pride, knowing you’ve just made your own necklace!

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    Michelle Y

    I've been eyeing up wooden beads to do this to. Must make more of an effort.

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