A little announcement

floral baby bib

Well… there’s some news round these parts. I’m having a baby! Hooray!

We’re very excited (but also about 60% scared). I’ve been keeping busy sewing up a few bits for baby.

baby bib vintage fabric

I don’t plan on changing the format of the blog. There’ll still be sewing, making and a few things in between.

Of course, there’ll probably be a sharp increase in projects with stretchy knits and elastic and maybe a few baby things 😉 But not much.

I thought you might also like to see how we announced our pregnancy to distant friends…

… aren’t those booties the cutest?

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    Skin and Blister

    hooray! Such happy news. Love your announcement cards. xxx

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    great cards and congratulations! 🙂

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    The Things She Makes

    Congratulations! Lovely news!

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    Jo Crawford

    Ohh congratulations!! Such lovely news – and those little booties, so cute! x

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    Yay!! Congratulations lovely!!! X x x

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    Huge congratulations! What wonderful news x

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    Congratulations, lady! x

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    Congratulations! I love the greeting card with the booties in between you two.

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    congratulations! that's going to be one lucky baby what with lots of handmade goodies! x

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    It's always so uplifting to hear such good news. Congratulations! I love cute baby stuff, so I'm not at all sad to see more for the little one on the blog. The main things is to keep the mommy and baby happy and healthy, so take care of yourself!

    xo Hanna

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    Chloe Moon

    Congratulations!! What beautiful news!! That is one of the cutest pregnancy announcements I've seen! I love the lil booties! =) Have a wonderful weekend!


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    Zoe Blofeld

    Really exciting news, Congratulations.

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    SO excited for you, and that announcement is cute!

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    Jenna Tobias

    Congratulations! Your announcement cards are beautiful 🙂

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    Those are just the cutest bibs. Congratulations!!! x

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    Congratulations!!! How exciting! Are you going to find out what you are having?! A baby is the best blessing in the world! I hope you are feeling ok. Enjoy everything! (aside from morning sickness…)

    Side note: I learned how to use a sewing machine this week and couldn't help but to think of you! You were the first sewing blog I ever started following. In fact, you might be my one and only 🙂

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    La vie en DIY

    super big congratulations Elena! x


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    Anna @ Miss Beatrix

    Faaaaantastic! Congratulatorycongratulations! x

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    Huuuuuge congratulations to you girly!! Very excited for you 🙂

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    Congratulations! May your baby be strong and healthy!

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    Jess B-E

    Wowzer that's massive news! Congratulations! LOVE your announcement cards x

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