A cornish road trip


So, we went on a little road trip around Cornwall a few weeks ago (Instagram followers you probably noticed an epic increase in beach photos).

We started in the North…

We hunted down fishing villages to visit. This one was Clovelly. A very old fishing village with it’s own little waterfall and a whole bunch of friendly donkeys. The weather was, well, less than perfect…

But we found enough friendly cats to keep us amused.

We then moved on to Padstow. A very nice little place. One shop sold an epic cornish cream tea flavour ice cream – vanilla with strawberries and pieces of scone – that was all sorts of yummy.

Then there was St Ives. Sigh. My absolute favourite place in Cornwall. Beaches. Art. Great food. Sigh.

The weather got better (sorry – I could resist a few cliched blogger-feet-scenes)…

We hiked to Lizard’s Point – the very, very edge of England – with all it’s beautiful crumbly cliffs. Seriously, it’s even more beautiful in person…

And I found a perfect spot for day dreaming…

We finished our road trip in Mevagissey. Somehow we managed to find someone willing to rent us their lovely small fishing cottage for a few days. And managed to time our stay for Mevagissey’s feast week. The week passed in a blur of long walks, listening to live folk music, dancing in the streets (me), and crab eating (both of us).

Still keen to see more? You can spy the video I made of our road trip going down over here.

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    This sounds perfect!! I love Padstow, and am off to St Ives for a few days next week- I'm so excited, I haven't been since I was tiny. My only little thing would be to just let you know that Clovelly is actually in Devon, not Cornwall- sorry!!! xx

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      St Ives is brilliant! Make sure you have breakfast at Porthmeor cafe opposite Tate St Ives on the beach. Brilliant breakfasts!

      I'm sure I knew Clovelly was in Devon – temporary brain lapse!

      x Elena

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    Jess B-E

    Strawberries and SCONE ice cream – you've got to be kidding me? That sounds AMAZING.

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    Sara Smith

    Everyone is going to Cornwall and I'm becoming slightly jealous lol! Your pictures are gorgeous! My goal before this heat wave ends is to get down there and consume as much ice cream as possible!

    sunny blonde studio

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    Amazing photos! It has been my lifelong dream to visit England (I'm in the US) and I'm making it come true sometime next year. I just don't know where to go first! I love the thought of visiting these little fishing villages and of course, I'd love to go to London and see some REAL castles! lol
    Thanks for sharing!

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    Aw, these pictures are lovely. Peter's parents live in Cornwall and we're going over in October – I hope they weather is okay, but I love that part of the country, even if it's raining. So scenic. Also: great food. Can't wait!

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    Skin and Blister

    Gorgeous photos! and I loved your video xxx and I miss you!

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    Such gorgeous sky full of "energy"! (found you via Erica's blog) Hi!

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