A long weekend in northern italy

A long weekend in Northern Italy

Last weekend was pretty brilliant. My family live in Italy, so I don’t always get to see them very often (which kinda sucks because they’re pretty awesome people).

But hooray for the long weekend – one (not terribly tedious) airplane ride later and I was living it up in Italia. I saw my family (and realised my parent’s have the whole blogger-posing thing down – unlike me!)

A long weekend in Northern Italy

A long weekend in Northern Italy

Ate some (delicious) strudel…

A long weekend in Northern Italy

Realised that cats do not make good sewing assistants…

A long weekend in Northern Italy

And made a dress using a vintage pattern and fabric from my (very stylish) mother-in-law.

A long weekend in Northern Italy

OK so my definition of living it up might seem pretty dull. But all in all a pretty darn decent long weekend, don’t you think?

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    Great dress!! Really great fabric.

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    Aww what a lovely weekend! Well I think you were living it up, I played monopoly and ate caramelised cashews! I loved that your folks posed for your blog photos, mine would never be up for that! 🙂

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    I love that photo of parents. So sweet.

    Allyson Wonderland Blog

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    That sounds like a perfect weekend to me! Such fun.


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    Jess B-E

    Wow that dress is so lovely! Well done lady.

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