Best of sydney

Just a few of my favourite things from our recent trip down under… a perfect dose of sun for a dreary day, no?

And for another dose of sun infused photos tune in tomorrow for some of the best of New Zealand. You won’t want to miss that.


The best of Sydney | Randomly Happy

Did you know Sydney is absolutely crammed with beaches? Like seriously incredible beaches. Now, I’m no expert but I’d say the amazing beaches is why Sydneysiders are so chilled out. Imagine coming home, throwing on your swimsuit and going for a post-work swim. Beyond amazing (doesn’t make me jealous at all…).

best of Sydney | Randomly Happybest of Sydney | Randomly Happy

And how about this for an outdoor pool? The Icebergs pool at Bondi is incredible and definitely on my return to-do list.



best of Sydney | Randomly Happybest of Sydney | Randomly Happybest of Sydney | Randomly Happy

We managed to cram in a visit to Featherdale wildlife sanctuary just outside of Sydney. Turns out I’m obsessed with koalas. Seriously, how can you not be when all they do is sleep, eat and hug? An animal after my own heart, me’thinks.

best of Sydney | Randomly Happy

But you don’t have to go to a wildlife park to see some pretty special animals… this was a friendly parakeet, just snacking away in the botanical gardens.

The Rocks

best of Sydney | Randomly Happybest of Sydney | Randomly Happy

Possibly my favourite little area in Sydney. Right under the Sydney Harbour bridge and one of the oldest. It’s got a pretty great mix of things to see. Narrow streets. A reputation back in the day for being lawless and gritty. An open air market that runs every weekend. Great little cafes. And a really informative and really interesting little visitor centre that’s totally free of charge.

best of Sydney | Randomly Happy

So much to see. We had to stop halfway through and refresh ourselves with a pint at the microbrewery.

Walk along the harbour from Circular Quay to the botanical gardens

best of Sydney | Randomly Happybest of Sydney | Randomly Happy

There’s an easy little walk you can do around the harbour from where all the ferries take off through to the botanical garden. Great views of the harbour, opera house and the harbour bridge. When we were there everywhere was setting up for New Years Eve, so it was pretty busy.

best of Sydney | Randomly Happybest of Sydney | Randomly Happy


best of Sydney | Randomly Happy

But you had some great views of the harbour. And what amazing view of central Sydney, no?

Taking a ferry across the harbour

best of Sydney | Randomly Happybest of Sydney | Randomly Happy

On New Years day we took a ferry to Manly beach. A great chance to be on the water, enjoy the sun, and see the harbour from a different perspective. Not sure why I’m looking so serious with all the loveliness around me. (I was probably hungry. I get serious when I’m hungry).

And that was Sydney… the very best. Condensed for you.

Have you been to Sydney? Do you agree that these are some pretty spectacular things? Or am I missing out on some essentials here?
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    Chloe Moon

    Syndney is on my bucket list. From awesome things like the opera house, koala bears, and omg that beach is awesome I don't know if I would ever come back to the U.S.!

    Ergo – Blog

  2. Reply

    I second Chloe's comment – the koala bears alone would keep me there – I've always wanted to go!

  3. Reply

    Oh it looks like you had a blast! I love the picture of the sleeping koala!!! So precious!

  4. Reply

    Your face with the koala says it all. ps. super jealous of all those summer tops you are wearing.

  5. Reply

    Looks wonderful. Those animals!

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