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Randomly Happy | blogshop London

I was pretty excited when I heard Blogshop was coming to London. I’ve been following Bri and Angela’s online exploits since I first stumbled into blogs. Their fresh perspective is always inspiring (check them out here and here, and see if you agree).

Not having many pennies in the bank, I was a bit bummed… that is until I read Little Tree’s post on volunteering at Blogshop Sydney (read more over here). That gave me the push I needed to email the girls and see if they needed any volunteers. You know someone to tidy, support Bri & Angela’s teaching, and be a general helper.

And let me tell you, it was a good day when they said YES. Lots of happy dancing I can tell you.

Randomly Happy | blogshop LondonRandomly Happy | blogshop London

Just to fill you in, Blogshop is a weekend long photoshop course aimed at bloggers, but to be honest there was a lot more to it. I picked up loads of design tips and definitely walked away with better photoshop skills.

Bri and Angela, they know their stuff. Definitely worth joining up if they’re ever in a town near you… seriously.

Randomly Happy | blogshop london
Randomly Happy | blogshop london

Not only was it great to meet two of my blogging idols, but we got to lounge around Curtain Road Studios, prettified with the amazing floral stylings of Hattie at That Flower Shop, and I got to hang out with some pretty awesome bloggers.

Now, you see, there were so many great blogging ladies that I thought I’d do a separate post on them next Monday. So do stop on by to meet some of these inspirational, fun, new lady friends.

Randomly Happy | blogshop london

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    So jealous that you got to do this! I love their blog and they are so inspirational! Would love to attend a blogshop one day!

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      Leigh, you definitely should. So much goodness! x

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    McKenna Ryan

    Your blog is always so inspirational! This looks like so much fun. xx. McKenna Lou Ryan
    p.s. Be sure to enter in our $50 Lisa Leonard gift card giveaway!

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    Ana Kamin

    This sounds too good! I'm also thing about attending the blogshop class here in SF. maybe I should ask them too if they need a volunteer. Even if I don't have a car? Did you needed a car?

    Greetings from SF!

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      Hiya Ana

      So jealous that you're in sunny California. Can I come?

      To answer your questions, I didn't need a car, but they might send you stuff to bring along. But as long as you can get there I think you should be fine. Totally worth volunteering. I got so much out of it!

      x Elena

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      Ana Kamin

      Sure Elena! When ever you like. 🙂 Oh good to know, I think they might already have someone for SF, but I will try my luck. I think SF is the only city in the US where you probably don't need a car. Wish me luck.

      Have a nice evening!

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    Richelle Lynn Garn

    I love those girls as well! I wish they could come to my corner of the woods. I am excited for you.

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