Guide to Lewis, East Sussex

I have a real soft spot for olde English towns. Probably because I grew up outside of Toronto, where the old buildings were measured in decades, not centuries.

So it was pretty great to spend some quality time in Lewis over the weekend. Seriously, this place has it going on! There are heaps of vintage and antique shops, and a few flea markets too.

Guide to Lewis, East Sussex

Guide to Lewis, East SussexGuide to Lewis, East Sussex

I mean, look – there’s even a castle. Certainly didn’t have too many of those growing up in Peel County!

Guide to Lewis, East Sussex

Guide to Lewis, East Sussex

Even managed to wear my new favourite top of all time (tutorial on it’s way). I’m not ashamed to say I am literally addicted to this new style and will be turning out many more of these little beauties. Seriously, I can’t wait.

I didn’t spend long in Lewis, but super excited to visit again. And this time I’ll be prepared – I’ve used my inside connections to set out a handy hit list guide to some of the best shops. Clever, right?

So now that I’ve told you about how fabulous Lewis is, would you visit? And are there any great places like that near you that I should put on my hit list?

Guide to Lewis, East Sussex


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    I'd heard that Lewes was good for crafty-sewing stuff and you've just confirmed it- the needlemakers definitely sounds like my kinda place!

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    I can't wait for your sewing tutorial. The top is so sweet. I especially love the cute pocket. 🙂

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    Hook, Line and Sink Her

    Hi Elena 🙂 I've just discovered your blog from your interview with Miss Beatrix, and I'm loving it so far- you're a brilliant photographer.

    As a Lewes resident of 3 years (previously Brighton-based) I can second all your recommendations above, and would add the flea market opposite the needlemakers ito the list. It's hard to miss- as the front door is flanked by stone lions! 🙂

    Katie xx

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      I love that place too! How could I forget? I bought a beautiful antique scale from there!

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