Summer road trip (a video)

We did it. We escaped to Cornwall for two weeks. We camped. Surfed. Went for walks on the coastal path. We ate lots of crab bought from fishermen on the harbour. There was sun (well sometimes).

And because it was so fun I wanted to share with you this little video (of us travelling down to Cornwall). Ever since I took part in Posts Production workshop last month I’ve really been keen to add more videos to my life.

I think the video kinda captures the magic that happens on a road trip. The staring out of windows. The changing scenery. Getting closer to your destination.

So many people are suckers for road trips (I’d go on one every weekend if I could). Are you one of those? If so, what’s do you think the best road trip would be?
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    What a darling little video! I hope you had a wonderful break.

    We rarely take a road trip as we have been car free for 7 years now. Living the green life on our bikes 🙂

    However, on the rare occasion we do rent a car it feels like such a novelty. I am a very nervous passenger and I get car sick so it's not always fun though!

    Claire x

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    Like it! Just voted for you 🙂

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