Wow. So we’re back from Turin. We had a great time. Ate way too much. And walked everywhere.

The weather was super warm too. Which meant ice cream was completely on the cards… though when is it not on the cards? Delicious hazelnut + chocolate + salt flavour.
And these are some of my absolute favourite photos from the whole trip. How lovely is my mama? Best bit – this 1970s vintage skirt I’m wearing was ‘borrowed’ from my mama’s closet.

Yikes photo overload. Thanks again to Ale at Rosaspina Vintage for the great tips! Especially the vintage stores… I fell completely in love with a tiny mushroom pin from the 50s. It may have followed me home 🙂

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    Welcome back!

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    Welcome back!! There is no such thing as eating too much in Italy! You walk it all off right?! 😉 And I love that mushroom pin! I had vintage pins in my wedding bouquet and a 1950's themed wedding!

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    Rosaspina Vintage

    So glad that you had a nice time in my hometown 🙂 And what a cute little brooch you managed to bring back with you!

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    Looks like you have a lovely time. The ice-cream has made my mouth water and those little mushrooms – so cute!

    Lotts xx

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    Jen Hsieh

    These pictures are awesome and it looks like you had such a great time. I'm loving your skirt. 🙂

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    Little Tree Vintage

    these pictures are perfect. you look so happy!

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    Siobhan Watts

    Such a cute pin! xx

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