What I learnt at eat & snap

I’m beyond chuffed with all I learnt at eat & snap, the brunch-walking-photo-workshop run a few Saturdays ago by my talented friend Michelle.

eat & snap photo tour via Randomly Happy

I’m pretty impressed with all we managed to cram in to a few hours. We had some lovely brunch. Chatted about blogging. Learnt about going manual with our photo settings.

Proud to say, IΒ am now 100% on board with my manual mode. Go me (…with lots of help from Michelle)!

eat & snap photo tour via Randomly Happy

eat & snap photo tour via Randomly Happy

eat & snap photo tour via Randomly Happyeat & snap photo tour via Randomly Happy

Then we found a new (to us) food market (with all the hipsters!). And decided it would be rude not to join in…

eat & snap photo tour via Randomly Happy

eat & snap photo tour via Randomly Happy

The whole walk was so good and Michelle is such a great teacher that I signed up for her video workshop this weekend (so exciting!).

Keen to read more? You can find more over on Michelle’s and Charlotte’s blogs.

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    Siobhan Watts

    Looks like a lot of fun, I wish I'd come along! Definitely going to get a place on the next one x

  2. Reply

    This looks like such a fun day!

  3. Reply
    Lotts and lots

    Fab photos, it was great to spend a day snapping away.

  4. Reply
    Sara Marie

    This looks like so much fun! I am definitely going to look into Eat & Snap!


  5. Reply
    Jess B-E

    Ah, that first picture is my friend Victoria! She said she had a great time.

  6. Reply

    These pictures are gorgeous! I particularly love the last one, the colours are amazing!! xx

  7. Reply

    Great pictures Elena, I hope to come along to the next Eat & Snap : )

  8. Reply

    That sounds fantastic! Awesome photos! I love how amazing manual is and get excited every time I discover something new or just understand a it a little bit better!

  9. Reply
    House of Tong

    i love being in manual mode. theirs no other way!!

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    anknel and burblets

    Love your photos – makes me miss London x

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