Winter in italy

winter in italy

 Have you got a favourite place to go in winter?

I definitely do – my parent’s village in Northern Italy is always so cosy, especially in winter. So last weekend I headed to my parent’s for a few days of pastries, snow and sweet sleeping kitties.

italian pastries

We spent some quality time with these special italian pasties (basically deep fried sweet pastry covered in sugar). They’re only around for a short time.

We may have eaten quite a few.


For breakfast.

I also spent time with my favourite furry person – ‘little ginger’.

italian style

italian style

We went for quite a few walks around the village where my parents live. One day we came across this great pink wall. Perfect background to show off my favourite new hat.

italian portico

italian village signitalain villa windows

It’s amazing how beautiful the houses are in this tiny little village, no? It’s crazy how much pride people take in their homes. Such fancy windows and balconies.

Hope you guys have been having a great week and it’s not been too rainy or snowy where you are!

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    What a beautiful, charming village. I would love, love, love to visit Italy someday. Thanks so much for sharing!

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    You should totally visit Italy – and when you go ask me for tips – I have loads! 😉

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    Sundari ♡

    it looks so so beautiful! I want a tiny little house with a fancy window & balcony!
    it's terrible wind & rain here near London! xxx

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      I was lucky it was so sunny! But now back in the UK… So long sun! 😉

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    Anna, Oh yes! I like that.

    LOVE that pink wall. sounds like a perfect trip, bet your folks are so excited about the bambino xx

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      Folks are very excited about bambino – about as excited as I was about that pink wall!

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