Me Made May week 1 handmade wardrobe

Me-Made May 2016 week 1

So, how did I get on? Well, one week down and already I’ve tweaked my original goal. New aim: wear 75 me-made pieces in May – repeats definitely allowed.

Still, first week and things were not too shabby…

Me Made May week 1 handmade wardrobe

May 1st Me Made: maya kitty top, teething necklace (unblogged)

Other (unseen): Gap jeans, jigsaw breton top

Comments: Me-Made May sure got off to a rocky start – we were travelling in France and the weather got way colder than I was expecting. I hadn’t packed my warmer me-made things so ended layering up with this maya top and throwing in this necklace to make things a bit more cheerful. I haven’t blogged about it, but it’s one of my most worn necklaces – the ‘beads’ are made of rubber so babies/toddlers can chew on them. Pretty nifty, eh?


Me Made May week 1 handmade wardrobe

May 2nd Me Made: jamie jeans, plantain striped top

Comments: Ah, that’s better. Right back on track. We got back home on the bank holiday and spent the day in parks and going on walks – perfect activities for jeans and a tee.


Me Made May week 1 handmade wardrobe

May 3rd Me Made: ultimate knit shift dress

Comments: Back at work and few key meetings today. Decided to bring my A game with my ultimate shift dress. Because this is made of sweatshirt fleece it’s super comfortable – like secret pyjamas.

Me Made May week 1 handmade wardrobe

May 4th Me Made: fen dress

Other: vintage belt (from my mamma)

Comments: I do love this fen and wear it at least once a week. It is perfect with a belt for work and loose for weekends. I still love the print, but am starting to think it may be time to retire this for something a little more summery. I have a few yards of this check fabric and am starting to imagine it as a summery fen.

Me Made May week 1 handmade wardrobe

May 5th Me Made: woven hudson pants (unblogged, but version 1 seen here), greenwood tank (blogged, but seem to have lost the post in the move), union street tee (unblogged, but plans blogged here)

Comments: working from home today so I decided to hudson myself up. I love this pattern and am really keen to make a knit pair since all my versions so far have been woven. These really are one of the most perfect casual trousers I’ve ever come across. Yay.

Me Made May week 1 handmade wardrobe

May 6th Me Made: maya kitty top, teething necklace (unblogged)

Other (unseen): H&M casual black trousers

Comments: I know, I know, it looks like a repeat of day 1, but I promise you the outfit looked totally different. Well, not 100% different, obviously, but what can I say? I do love this top.

Me Made May week 1 handmade wardrobe

May 7th Me Made: vintage pattern chambray midi skirt, inari crop top (unblogged), lbg clutch

Comments: We’re having some cracking weather here in the UK so we packed ourselves up and headed to the beach. I love this skirt for the beach – I think it’s perfect for chasing the bambino into the water and not really looking too worse for wear if it has a few creases.

Sad side note: as we were leaving our lunch place my skirt caught on a nail and had a hole torn in the bottom about 1″ from the hem. It’s not ruined, but I’m going to have to shorten the skirt and rehem the whole thing. Bummer. It’s so sad when bad things happen to good me-mades isn’t it?

Also worn this week: 2 pj tops that were me-mades, and a coco top when we got back from the beach.

Total me-mades worn this week: 17

Verdict: Not bad right? My goal is to wear 75 me made over the month (repeats definitely allowed). I think I’m on track, though could definitely use a few more separates. And maybe not wear the maya kitty top all the time.

So quick question, I’ve really gone for a mix of photos this week: outfit shots, hanging garments, flat lays (where everything is layed out flat and the photo taken from above). I do love a bit of variety, but I’m not sure it helps to see how I wore my me mades (which for me is definitely half the fun). So I’m thinking I might try just outfit shots next week (with a few arty shots thrown in, because, well, they’re classy). What do you think?

In other news, is anyone else feeling really geared up to sew up things?

Not in a ‘I-have-nothing-to-wear’ panic, but in a ‘man-I’m-finding-this-really-inspirational’ kinda way? I’ve been getting a lot of sewing done in the evenings and have a few projects that are almost finished to share soon.

Phew, that’s me done. But how have things been going with your May? Have you been joining in, or have you been watching from afar? Any good bloggers/instagrammers you could recommend for some good old fashioned me-made inspiration?

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    Patricia Grundy

    I love your wardrobe! Everything always goes so well together. I’m definitely getting my sew on since #mmmay16 started. Made two skirts so far and have a top cut up as well. I’m loving it!

    1. Reply

      Thanks Patricia. I think they go together because I spend so much time obsessing over fabric and pattern choices. I sometimes think most of my brain space is full of sewing plans!

  2. Reply

    Your outfits look great! Love the kitty t shirt. I wear me made pretty much all the time so I’m trying not to repeat anything. Haven’t posted yet though.

    1. Reply

      Hi Mag, glad I’m not the only kitty tee fan 🙂

      Always love seeing what people make – you should definitely consider posting some of your me-makes this month!

  3. Reply

    You have a ton of me-mades to wear! That’s great! I’m not participating in MMM, but I sure feel the inspiration flowing. I have so many plans!

    1. Reply

      Hi Nilla, it took me ages to jump into me-made May – it can be such a daunting challenge. But I do really like the general supportive vibe and think it’s worth it regardless of how many me-makes someone has.

      I mean heck, I sure am not winning any prizes for non-repeats, right 😉

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