Me Made May

Me Made May week 3

So this week I’ve mostly been having a crisis of colour.

Or a lack of colour… (well, apart from mustard)

Me Made May

May 15th me made: hemlock tee, greenwood tank and teething necklace (both unblogged)

Other: asos jeans

Comments: I do love mustard and I’d say its the one colour I have a lot of (other than blue).

I also really need to get a few more me-made sweaters and cardigans in my life. I do wear sweaters/cardigans a lot working from home and over the weekend. And don’t get me started on coatagins – I definitely need a few of those!


Me Made May week 1 handmade wardrobe

May 16th me made: secret pyjamas shift dress

Comments: I’m so sad that this dress is starting to show its age. I try to pretend I don’t see all the piling but I know it’s there. Time to retire this I think.

I’ll definitely come back to this pattern again in the autumn, but fit now I’m thinking of branching out to a new shift pattern for summer. I’ve got a few vintage gems in my connection that I wouldn’t mind trying.


Me Made May

May 17th me made: 70s skirt from vintage pattern (to be blogged), Sarah shirt

Comments: this is my newest make, fresh off the machine. A panelled skirt made from a 1972 pattern. Mmm… 70s

I started this at the beginning of May, knowing I’d find it handy. I’ve got lots to say on this make, so am saving it for a blog post coming up this week.

I paired it with my Sarah shirt I made for testing (which I have honestly been living in). I love both, but must say that together they were a little too dreary for spring. May need to find a new pairing.

Me Made May

May 18th me made: inari crop tee

Other (unseen): Jamie jeans, greenwood tank (unblogged), hemlock

Comments: working from home has me reaching for my most comfortable makes. And this inari tee just needs to be worn a lot more.

You would have seen the Hudsons again, but they’re in the wash. Mental note: make more Hudsons.


Me Made May

May 19th me made: 70s skirt (again), maya top

Comments: yup, I went to 70s skirt town again this week. What can I say, I’m just super in love with this skirt.

I tried to bring in some color with my mustard maya, but still feeling a little drab. Ugh.

I’ve decided since spring shoes might be the answer since I’ve been wearing mostly black ankle boots this week. I’m on a shoe hunt this weekend. Wish me luck.


Me Made May

May 20th me made: DIY skirt (from a tutorial I wrote for Love Sewing magazine), plantain tee, teething necklace

Comments: I’m really happy I found this skirt again – it was hiding in my summer clothes pile. It’s got a great fit and is super comfortable. I made the skirt to go with a tutorial for Love Sewing magazine and it fits p-e-r-f-e-c-t-l-y.

I’m also really loving the knit skirt and casual tee look. Where has it been all my life? I can run around after the bambino, but lets me feel a bit more pulled together. And it makes the most out of the sunny weather. Come on legs – get some colour!


Me Made May

May 21st me madesimplicity cami, morris blazer, lbg clutch, union st tee (unblogged)

Other: gap jeans

Comments: a simple outfit for a day of running errands. No time to get a snap, so you’ll have to make do with a snap from the last post.

Also worn this week: coco top, 1 lee raglan tee (unlblogged)

Total me mades worn this week: 21

Total me mades worn so far in May: 57

Not too bad, right? I just need to wear 18 me mades next week and I’ve reached my goal of wearing 75 things I made myself in the month of May. Which seems achievable.

What have I learned this week?

Well, it must be all this lovely sunny weather we’ve been having, but I’m really noticing a real ‘spring’ gap in my wardrobe. I have summer things and I have lots of dark winter things but nothing to bridge the gap. Nothing to wear when it’s sunny and a little bit chilly.

I think the answer is a few more relaxed fit trousers (you know how much I love those) and a few more simple tops. And also the power of the knit skirt + relaxed top combo. Such a perfect combo.

Phew, enough about me – how’s your me made May been going? Have you been taking part, or at least observing from the sidelines?

p.s. on a sad side note – last week’s post seems to have disappeared. 🙁 Not sure how that happened. Bummer as I really like looking back on what I wore/wrote.

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    Mustard is a beautiful color!! My wardrobe is very very navy/indigo, so they play well together, but lately I’ve been adding a handful of pieces in a sort of rust/paprika area…also goes well with all that blue. Have you tried that Wardrobe Architect color story thing?

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      I LOVE rust at the moment! I haven’t tried the WA color story – going to check it out now! Thanks for the heads up.

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