Me Made May handmade wardrobe review

Me Made May week 4

Phew! We made it. The whole month of May done.

Did I manage to wear at least 75 me-made items throughout the month? Did I manage to add some colour into my life? How many times did I wear the fen dress…

Let’s see how things planned out…


Me Made May handmade wardrobe review

May 22nd me made: plantain tee, DIY knit skirt, teething necklace and union St tee (both unblogged)

Comments: I’m really happy I rediscovered this skirt – and it’s blue sister – in amongst my summer things. It’s really easy to wear – the length and stretch let me run around after the bambino which is pretty much essential. I’m also really loving the pattern clash.


Me Made May handmade wardrobe review

May 23rd me made: plantain tee, 70s panel skirt (soon to be blogged)

Comments: I’m such a fan of this leopard print I just wish I could get my hands on more (I’m thinking leggings or a monetta dress). I love it’s little pocket too.


Me Made May handmade wardrobe review
May 24th me made
: fen dress

Other: zara cardi

Comments: yup, here it is again. Can’t seem to get enough of this. I’ve already started cutting out a second version in blue oversized check.


Me Made May handmade wardrobe review

May 25th me made: greenwood tank (unblogged)

Other (unseen): h&m shirt, asos jeans,

Comments: brrr… it turned c-o-l-d. And I was out all day visiting schools. None of my me-mades quite tick the visiting schools-warmth box so I wore this under my non me-mades to keep me warm.


Me Made May handmade wardrobe review

May 26th me made: 70s panel skirt (soon to be blogged), summery cami

Other: uniqlo cardi

Comments: I’m really itching to make a sharp blazer to wear to work for meetings. My last version of the Morris is a bit floppy, but maybe in a different (woven, more rigid) fabric it would turn out sharper?


Me Made May handmade wardrobe review

May 27th me made: kitty maya, jamie jeans, teething necklace (unblogged)

Other: superga trainers

Comments: ah, kitty maya. Perfect down time tee. I’m thinking of making another maya with a split up the centre front so I have two ends to tie together. Could be kinda cool, right?


Me Made May handmade wardrobe review

May 28 – 30th me made: beatrix top, union St tee (unblogged), DIY knit skirt (similar here), plantain tee, summer cami

Other me mades (not pictured): cosy coco, London backpack, lgb clutch, plantain (for pjs)

Other (not pictured): gap jeans

Comments: we went away for the weekend to Brighton to visit friends and family. It was pretty busy so I didn’t get a chance to snap any pics, but I pretty much wore all of these at least once – apart from the skirt (too cold).

May 31st me made (unseen): lane raglan andΒ greenwood tank(unblogged), sweater knit hemlock

Comments: what an abysmal finish to May – I came down with some sort of bug so spent most of my time on the sofa in my pjs. I did nip out for a few minutes to get some fresh air – so I threw on my trusty greenwood and hemlock for a bit of warmth and mustard goodness.

Total me mades worn this week: 24


Total me mades worn in May: 81

Damn! 81 me mades worn, not bad, eh?

OK 50% was probably the teething necklace, but still… I’m feeling p-r-e-t-t-y pleased with myself.

So what have I learned? Well, the big thing is that I’ve been really surprised at how drab my me-made wardrobe can be when photographed – all grey and mustard. I think that’s OK-ish in the winter, but in the spring I really should work on getting a bit more colour.

I’m aiming to work on that with my summer sewing plans (coming soon).

I also definitely could use another pair of jeans and a pair of casual work trousers. I’ve narrowed down the patterns I want to use. Just got to get to making!

Did you take part in me-made May? How’d it go for you, learn anything interesting?

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    Now this is just the inspiration I’ve been needing, to get my butt into gear and get creating! Such perfect, practical items woven into your existing wardrobe with ease and style. Love it!


    1. Reply

      Thanks so much Gemma! I really worry that my wardrobe is super drab and lifeless. Hopefully the new makes I have planned will be even more inspirational πŸ˜‰

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