Me-Made May week one

Me-Made May 2015 week one

Me-Made-May 2015

So this week I learned that I totally dress on auto pilot. I literally had to force myself not to reach for my trusty skinny jeans every morning. Funny, because I seem to have no problems dressing my top half in my own makes. Weird, right?

Deer & Doe plantain and True Bias Hudson pants

May 1st

Me-made: Plantain tee (unblogged), crepe Hudson pants

Comments: What can I say, I totally played it safe with my first choice. Hudsons plus plantain. If you make one thing this weekend please make it one of these. 100% my favourite two patterns of the moment. And the plantain is free. Free!

Grainline Studio hemlock tee

May 2nd

Me-made: Hemlock tee, DIY colour block necklace.

Comments: I was going to reach for another plantain, but variety is the spice of life, right,  so I reached for this instead. Plus, I made this necklace ages ago (find the DIY here). Extra me-made bonus points!

DIY self-drafted leggings

May 3rd

Me-made: Self-drafted leggings (DIY here)

Other: h&m T-shirt, JCrew shirt, Tommy Hilfiger body warmer, Fat Face boots

Comments: I could have easily worn my trusty jeans, but went for these faux leather leggings instead. Pretty good choice considering it was all sorts of weather out. Also made me realise I should probably get round to hemming these some day!

Grainline Studio Moss Skirt

May 4th

Me-Made: Black drill Moss skirt

Other: Jigsaw top, New Look flats

Comments: Hello sun! I wanted to wear something to get some much needed sun to my legs. This version of the moss isn’t very spring-y. Which makes me think I could do with a new spring skirt.

Marilla Walker Maya top and True Bias Hudson pants

May 5th

Me-Made: Maya top (unblogged), blue Hudson pants (unblogged).

Comments: I was 100% not sure about this top. It didn’t quite work out how I wanted (bit too stiff, buttons too big, generally way too wide). But you guys were so positive on Instagram that I’m gearing up to make another.

Named Clothing Inari Tee Dress

May 6th

Me-Made: denim Inari tee dress

Comments: This makes me realise I need more dresses in my wardrobe. I’ll definitely be making another inari, but might try my hand at something else just to change things up. Maybe a maya-gathered skirt combo? Also, awful photo. Not too sure what happened there.

Thread Theory Camas Blouse

May 7th

Me-Made: Thread Theory camas blouse

Comments: I love the colour of this, and the drape is amazing, but just not 100% in love with this. Am trying to be less of a perfectionist about my makes. But still not a giant fan of this. Wish I knew why.

So, how’d it go?

I’ve also managed to squeeze in a few makes this week – the maya top and another plantain (I know. I am addicted). Plus I have a vintage skirt that’s cut and waiting to be sewn together.

Are you joining in on Me-Made-May? What have you learned about your sewing this week? If not, would you be keen to wear more handmade clothes?

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    Reana McCourt

    I have so been enjoying your MMM! I'm totally impressed by how many solids you sew with!

    1. Reply

      Aww, thanks Reana. Glad you've not been too bored by my feed. I do sew with a lot of solids. I'm the solid queen!

  2. Reply
    Vera and Bess

    Joining in, although no time to take photos or blog. Loving all the contributions I'm seeing on blogs and Pinterest. Love your makes, especially the blue blouse you're not totally in love with.

    1. Reply

      It's my first year doing MMM and I'm really enjoying the challenge. Hope you get a chance to share your makes. Be great to see what you make!

  3. Reply
    Veronica Darling

    I'm joining in, but just instagramming because of time… @veronicadarling… I'll have to follow you too.

    I too am impressed with your solids, I will ALWAYS sew with print. And lately bought a few solid knits to try tshirts, and I love your plaintain, I can tell why you're addicted. I've seen it around, but haven't fallen for it yet… might have to try next week!

    1. Reply

      Hooray. Following you now. Great makes. And please do make a plantain. Pattern of dreams. Fact.

  4. Reply

    You are seriously my sewing hero. So much pretty!

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