Me-Made May week 3

Me-Made May 2015 week three

me-made may 2015

Wow. How is it already week three of Me-Made May?

Grainline Studio knit Morris blazer

May 15th

Me Made: Grainline Morris blazer

Other: Gap jeans, H&M tee

Comments: Finally finished and in serious rotation. Can’t wait to try this in a fancier stretch woven. Something a bit more business time for the office.

true bias Hudson pants

May 16th

Me Made: True Bias Hudsons

Other: JCrew chambray shirt

Comments: I was mooching about at home so wanted something comfortable to wear if I had to nip to the shops. These are perfect, but I never quite know how to style them. Any ideas?

Deer and Doe plantain

May 17th

Me Made: Grrr plantain

Other: Gap jeans

Comments: Yup. Another plantain. Another knit top. I may need to branch out a little more. Maybe make a few more casual dresses? Or tanks for layering?

Named Clothing Inari dress

May 18th

Me Made: denim inari dress

Comments: I need more of these dresses in my life. Fact. I didn’t quite have time to take a photo this day, so this a repeat from the blog post.

Thread Theory camas blouse

May 19th

Me Made: camas blouse

Other: h&m skirt

Comments: This is another slow grower. When I first made it I wasn’t too sure about it. But now I wear it all the time. I think it’s something about the colour really grabs me.

Tilly and the Button coco

May 20th

Me Made: terry coco

Other: h&m jeans

Comments: I really should branch out already and make my own jeans. After knitted tops, I’d say jeans are my second most worn item of clothing.

Grainline Studio Morris blazer

May 21st

Me Made: morris blazer (again!)

Other: h&m shirt and trousers

Comments: way to top and tail the week with the same make, eh? I guess I just get really excited about new makes and wear them to death in the first few weeks. Will promise to try and branch out more next week.

Me-Made May week 3

This week was s-u-p-e-r productive in terms of making. I managed to finish off the morris, sew up another pair of Hudson’s (already a firm favourite) and a lovely new tank pattern (popping up in a blog post next week).

I do really love my makes, but I’m kinda starting to feel like my wardrobe lacks punch. Are the solid colours and monochromatic patterns, just a bit too boring? Yikes. So much soul searching.

So, how have you been getting on? What new revelations have you learned?

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    Definitely not too boring! In fact, after seeing your me made may I am wanting to start sewing with more solids. Basically, I need more basics 🙂

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      Thanks Kieran. I do feel a bit boring sewing with solids, but I do tend to wear them so much more than anything else!

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    Is blue you're favorite color? I think I've been seeing a trend over the weeks lol

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      Ha ha ha. You've rumbled me. I am a bit addicted to blue. Though I did just buy a peach cotton. It was just a yard mind you – need to build into other colours slowly, right? 😉

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