Me-Made May week two

Me-Made May 2015 week two

Me Made May 2015

Another week, another 7 days chock full of me-made makes. Here’s the story for week two…

Me Made May 2015 Deer and Doe plantain

May 8th

Me Made: plantain tee, necklace (unblogged)

Other: h&m jeans

Comments: I seem to dress on auto pilot if I’m at home. Knit top, h&m jeans. Maybe too predictable and boring? But hey, I did make this necklace. It’s teething beads looped onto some bright coloured thread. Aurelio can chew away and I I can finally wear necklaces again! Win-win.

Me Made May 2015 Papercut Patterns Sigma skirt

May 9th

Me Made: Sigma skirt (unblogged), terry Coco

Other: vintage belt

Comments: Was meeting up with some Belgium family today, so wanted to up my chic-game. I made this skirt up Friday and I have 0 regrets. I LOVE it. But it wrinkles like a mother ‘ucker. Linen *shakes fist*

Me Made May 2015 DIY leggings

May 10th

Me Made: self-drafted leggings (DIY here)

Other: jcrew shirt

Comments: These leggings make me realise that I need more leggings in my life. They’re so comfy – and the fabric really stops them from feeling too mundane. I really need to make some more.

Me Made May 2015 True Bias Hudson pants

May 11th

Me Made: Hudson pants

Other: h&m shirt, new look shoes

Comments: What can I say, these are my perfect trousers. Relaxed fit. Tapered leg. Elasticated waist. I shouldn’t love them this much, but I do. I really do.

Me Made May 2015 vintage floral skirtMay 12th

Me Made: floral skirt, Hey June raglan (unblogged)

Other: Dorothy Perkins shoes

Comments: I was totally trying to call out the sun gods with this skirt. Still too chilly here for my liking, but the longer length skirt and long sleeves on the raglan top helped.

Me Made May 2015 Marilla Walker maya top

May 13th

Me Made: maya top (unblogged)

Other: H&M trousers

Comments: You know, this is a funny one. I was really not liking this when I made it, then last week was about 65% OK with it, and now I’m really loving this top. How odd. The power of me-made May?

Me Made May 2015 Grainline Studio morris blazer

May 14th

Me Made: plantain, morris blazer (unfinished in this photo, to be blogged this week)

Other: h&m jeans

Comments: I’ve been stalking Jen’s new pattern for weeks and then just totally caved. I love the simplicity of the blazer and hope to make a few more. Of course, would help if I finished this one first.

What have I learned this week?

I should be surrounded by casual makes for home-time lounging (since I really only spend 3 days in an office). But I don’t seem to have many makes that fit the bill.

So, I should really try to make a few more makes in the jeans/casual trousers/leggings category. Does this mean it’sΒ time to try my hand at a pair of Gingers or Jamies? Yikes. Maybe I’ll make a pair of Hudson’s first – to build up my strength.

So are you taking part in Me-Made May? What have you learned about your makes?Β 

  1. Reply
    Nicole from

    You can TOTALLY make Gingers! Trust me, if I could make them, you can make them! And I swear to you, it's the most fun make ever! You feel super accomplished, and while simple, the techniques are different enough from other makes that you don't feel bored at all.

  2. Reply
    susann wurl

    Very cute stuff, and a lovely blog. I want to nicely point out that the phrase is "chock full" and not "chalk full"…maybe that was a typo (yeah, I'm one of those people)…

    1. Reply

      I love those types of people! Off to make my edits πŸ˜‰

  3. Reply

    I really love your Maya top too… I think it's because the buttons are so big. It makes it kind of vintage-y to me

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