Me-Made May 2016

Me-Made May is almost here guys. The annual sew-a-poluza where we all challenge ourselves to wear handmade (you can read more on Zoe’s blog So, Zo)

I know I already wear a lot of me-made clothes. And I’m constantly planning and assessing my makes – slowly trying to make a handmade wardrobe that fills me with happiness.

And I’m not a big lover of the selfie.

So why join in?


Here’s the thing, I love the sense of community it fosters among us sewing folk. Sure we’re a friendly bunch anyway, but it’s nice to share our makes, get encouragement and be supportive of each other.

I also really like the space that Me-Made May gives me to think about whatΒ  I wear and how I wear it.

Look, any excuse to get scheming is top in my book.


You can read more about my adventure in Me-Made May from last year.

I’ve been reading through some people’s pledges on Zoe’s blog. Guys, some people are totally going for it – never repeating a handmade outfit, or wearing pretty darn close to 100% handmade.

Go big, or go home, right?

I’d love to be totally ambitious, but to be honest I’m trying to go for a quality-not-quantity vibe with my makes so my pledge might seem a tad lame in comparison

But, heck it’s my pledge, so there you go

In the month of May I aim that 75% of what I wear over the whole month will be made or restyled by me (not including shoes, bags or underthings – cause I’m not that awesome yet).

I also aim to take on the mother of all challenges – a handmade swimsuit.


Are you joining in to Me-Made May this year? If so, please do consider leaving your blog/Instagram details so I can follow along.

Let’s do this!

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    This is a lovely post, summing up all that I love about Me Made May. I too wear me-mades a lot already. I’m hoping I’ll get some summer sewing priorities defined doing this but really the main reason is the community aspect, it’s just so much fun & you meet such lovely people! Good luck with your swimsuit too!

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      Thanks Kathryn. I want sure about hitting publish, but I did want to put it out there that even people with 100% handmade wardrobes have a reason to take part too. Good luck with your challenge!

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    I think your pledge sounds great and totally do-able without stressing you out for a whole month. I love your additional challenge of making a handmade swimsuit and I say just go for it! It’s not as daunting as you think it will be. I’ve just finished a surprisingly wearable toile of a swimsuit that I’ve actually worn in public and, bonus here, it hasn’t fallen apart! Go for it, you’re much more skilled than you give yourself credit for.

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      Thanks so much for the encouragement! I have everything ready and an sorry keen to jump in! Though, I may just do a quick, familiar project first to get my confidence up πŸ˜†

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    I think the thing about MMM is to not compare yourself to others. Even if you only have one item you can still join in. Love your pledge (although I’m wondering how you measure 75%!!!). I’d love to make my own swimsuit but I think jeans and trousers are higher priority right now. Am yes, I’m totally in! Can’t wait!

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      So true. I’m f-o-r-e-v-e-r comparing myself to others and coming up short. But it’s true that you just have to file your own course. Great point!

      Ah, you see to get the 75% I was planning on counting how many things I was wearing (not including under things, bags, shoes, or coats) and working out how much was handmade. So a dress = 100% handmade. Handmade jeans + RTW too = 50%. It’s not scientific but I think it’ll be a right challenge!

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