Named Clothing helmi tunic dress in buffalo plaid

Winter dressing sorted: flannel helmi 


Named Clothing helmi tunic dress in buffalo plaid

Named Clothing helmi tunic dress in buffalo plaid

Named Clothing helmi tunic dress in buffalo plaid

Named Clothing helmi tunic dress in buffalo plaid

Sometimes you just have to suck it up and believe that good things come to those who wait, right?

This dress is one of those things.

I’d actually had this planned in my head since July when the lovely Named Pattern girls for in touch to offer me a sneaky pick from their upcoming collection.

July! Can you believe it?

Life, why you gotta play me like that?

But, don’t worry there’s a happy ending. This dress got finished just before Christmas and had basically been in solid rotation ever since. I mean of course it is – look at it!

As much as I love my fen dress and my beloved business denim inari, I’ve been craving a more winter friendly dress. Something in a cosy fabric that I could throw over leggings for lounging, or even sneak into work (business flanel?)

Named Clothing helmi tunic dress in buffalo plaid

Named Clothing helmi tunic dress in buffalo plaid

Named Clothing helmi tunic dress in buffalo plaid

Named Clothing helmi tunic dress in buffalo plaid

The pattern – the helmi tunic dress – is a corker from their A/W collection. A simple relaxed shirt dress with some sweet details – like a hidden button placket and curved hem – and lots of design options.

It came together really easily – I don’t think there was a single hiccup, which is pretty unheard of. The fabric was also pretty dreamy to work with.

And yes, my pattern matching ended up pretty lame (even though I did really try) but I’m sorta OK with it. I’m still channeling the ‘mistakes are cool vibe’ 🙂

A few juicy deets on the make:


Helmi tunic dress c/o Named Clothing 


Brushed cotton in buffalo plaid, bought in Trento, Italy


36/UK 8 based on the finished measurements on the pattern. I’m normally between a UK 8 and 10. I think the fit is spot on – relaxed but not overwhelming.


The only difference was that I cut a straight hem instead of a curved hem. But I only did this after I’d cut out the pieces, so the dress is a scootch too short for my liking but is a totally minor issue.

Construction and finishing

I straight up followed the instructions so nothing unusual to report.

I did totally cheat on the buttons though. I didn’t bother with button holes, I just sewed the buttons on, attaching them through the two layers of the shirt placket.

I know, disgraceful. But in my defense I’m unlikely to ever button this all the way. And it fits perfectly over my head without functioning buttons.

And I’m lazy. 😉

I finished all the seams with my overlocker and did a simple double hem for the hemline and sleeves.

Next Time

I’m interested to see how the shirt plays out. That dolphin hem is kinda calling my name.


So have you been making your peace with any long overdue projects? I’m always so fascinated by how people fit sewing/hobbies into their life  – what’s your trick for finding time?


I only ever share products and people I think you’ll like as much as I do (because sharing is caring). The pattern for this make was kindly provided by Named Clothing (they’re nice like that). All thoughts and opinions are 100% my own.

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    I love it! It looks so cozy. Comfy winter dresses is definitely where it is at these days!

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    Caroline J

    This shirt dress is so cool. I love monochrome plaid and the fact it is snuggly too makes it perfect.
    I regularly have projects hanging around for 6 months or more just because life gets in the way whilst on the other hand I can blast through three things quickly (if my other half is away on business and I have a break from work).

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    This is a great look, love the plaid and a top with bum coverage is fab.

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    This make looks wonderful. I didn’t even notice a failure to pattern match until you mentioned it and even then it really wasn’t that noticeable. All my makes tend to be long overdue. I have a couple of different flannels sitting in my stash that were supposed to be made into Archer shirts for the Aussie winter just gone but there they are still sitting there! Maybe one will have to become a Helmi next winter instead!

  5. Reply

    I’m loving this so much! Black and white buffalo plaid is just so easily chic!

    1. Reply

      Thanks Abbey. I’m retiring it for summer, but it always makes fall/winter dressing easy!

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