Blueberry ginger gin & tonic


Currently slurping this blueberry ginger gin and tonic, while waiting for the Olympics to start. Nice.

I was 100% certain that I wasn’t going to get excited about London 2012… but anyone who follows me on Twitter knows that all ended yesterday when I saw the torch pass by my work. Now I am giddier than a preteen whose been told Justin Bieber is in the next Twilight movie. Oh well. These things happen 🙂


I obviously have a wee crush for any twist on the humble gin and tonic.



Blueberry ginger gin & tonic

You will need:

1 shot glass of gin

a couple of ice cubes

a good, hearty squeeze of lemon

12 or so blueberries

ginger ale or (even better) ginger beer

mint leaves

blueberries to garnish



Mix the gin, ice cubes, lemon and blueberries in a bowl or sturdy glass. Muddle them together (I used a wooden spoon). It might help to crush the blueberries with your fingers before you drop them in. It makes it easier to muddle.


Pour into a serving glass through a strainer to take out the bits.


Top with ginger ale/beer as desired. throw in a few mint leaves and blueberries to garnish.


Sit back and enjoy the opening ceremonies.

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    I am so excited about the games. I'm more excited than I thought I would be too. I'm counting down to next Friday when I will actually be there! I'm definitely going to try this cocktail when I can drink alcohol again. It looks delicious.

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    Anna @ IHOD

    This sounds amazing! Thanks for sharing the recipe!

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