How do you rock pregnancy – DIY style?

How do you rock pregnancy - DIY style? | Randomly Happy

So I am now well and truly into this whole pregnancy. 6 and a half months along and there is definitely a baby in there – and a growing bump to prove it.

I’m packing away clothes that don’t fit anymore and slowly my little wardrobe is dwindling down to nothing.

So I need your help lovely people.

How do you rock pregnancy - DIY style? | Randomly Happy

I’m 100% uninspired by the maternity clothes in the shops. Basically I just want to go around looking as lovely and pulled together as the classic ladies on my Mama Style Pinterest board.

And apart from a few plans to sew up some maternity things and restyle some vintage finds, I essentially have no idea how to dress this bump. I am seriously clueless.

So I’d love your help and advice. Do you have any ideas on how to dress like a stylish pregnant lady? How would you dress a baby bump? Know of any awesome pregnancy blogs I should be following?

Thanks for your help!

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    Hi, totally with you! I'm about a month ahead of you and find most maternity clothes really plain and often more expensive (which I don't really get!) so here's what I've found helpful. There's a blog a read where she kept using a lot of her old clothes but wearing them in a different way – I also found some really nice bits in Primark, just bought them 2/3 sizes bigger. I'm thinking if I'm not one of the lucky one who snaps back into shape too, I'd rather be wearing normal clothes than people thinking I'm still pregnant! Having said that, if you're a skinny jeans wearer, over the bump ones are comfiest, I got mine from ASOS (actually, their maternity range in pretty good). I'll stop rambling now! Good luck 🙂 Beth xx

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      Thanks so much for the tips Beth – I love Marie's blog – and also so glad to hear I'm not the only one who thinks maternity clothes can be a bit tedious!

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    Victoria M

    I've had two children and both times I hated the choice of maternity wear out there! It's just so dull, and as for slogan t-shirts… oh dear! I'd recommend getting a wrap dress or top (or both!); flattering and not obviously maternity. I think mine were from Gap. I don't know why it didn't occur to me to sew some maternity stuf for myself! I mostly lived in jeans, tops and my existing jackets etc.

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      Great idea about the wrap dress – hadn't thought of that!

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    ASOS and H&M both have some great maternity clothes!

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    H&M is usually such a gold mine. Will definitely have a look! Thanks so much.

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    Iliska Dreams

    For both of my pregnancies, one at 24 and the last one at 42 (yep I have two children 19 years apart) I did not buy any pregnancy clothes. A good maternity bra and tummy support band, yes. But nothing else. I adapted my own style only slightly and continued to wear clothes I normally would. In winter it was hipster skinny jeans, summer was dresses.
    Wear what you feel comfy in. Just go up a size of two to fit over the bump

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      You're speaking to the converted! Think I may just have given up on finding 'maternity' style and will just go my own way x

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