3 top tips to dye your jeans perfectly every time

So, sadly, it turns out my love-affair with mint jeans has ended. Long cycle rides. Cosy drinks in the pub. All over I’m afraid. Turns out it just wasn’t meant to be. I’m too messy and they’re too high maintenance. At least this pair was. Who knows… maybe someday our paths will cross again.

In the meantime… I decided to dye this pair a deep navy blue. I liked the fit and comfy-ness of this pair too much to chuck them away. I’ve had mixed success with dying in the past, but I’ve learned a few tips along the way…

It’s pretty quick too – I was the proud owner of ‘new’ jeans in about an hour plus drying time.

I’m interested…. what’s your relationship with your coloured jeans like? Match-made in heaven, or time to have ‘the talk’?


3 top tips to dye your jeans perfectly every time


1. The type of dye you buy is important. Buy a good brand (Dylon in the UK is pretty good).

2. Speaking of dyes… I’d recommend using the ones that dye the fabric in your washing machine. Much less messy then the dyes where you need rubber gloves and a giant bowl.

3. I also over estimate and use the whole box for one pair. You could use less and go lighter if you wanted.

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    Michelle Y

    I've bought bright orange jeans but only worn them once because I want to have them tailored to be skinny rather than 'shoe cut'. But I was concerned that the 'fad' might die and this will be a great idea afterwards.

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