How to make your own DIY sparkly heart shoe clips

How to make your own DIY sparkly heart shoe clips | Randomly Happy

I’ve been quite obsessed with colourful accessories (as I’m sure you might have guessed from Monday’s post) and these sequin heart shoe clips are pretty much that idea taken to the extreme.

This is also a really easy DIY. No super crafting skills needed. Just a solid love of sequins. And it’s quick too. After 30 minutes I was swishing about the house with these beauties clipped to my shoes.

sparkly DIY shoe clips via Randomly Happy

These remind me of these quirky Vivian Westwood shoes that I had thought about getting for my wedding, but chickened out of buying at the last minute. And did I mention they’re sparkly?

I also may have made a brooch using the same technique. Not to wear togetherΒ obviouslyΒ (that might be too extreme, no?) but I was just really getting into sequins. They have some sort of magnetic hold over me.

sparkly DIY shoe clips via Randomly Happy

How to make your own DIY sparkly heart shoe clips

You will need

sequin tape or sequin ribbon
strong glue
shoe clip backs

sparkly DIY shoe clips via Randomly Happy

1. Cut out a heart shape from the felt. Fold the felt in half before cutting to make sure the two halves of the heart are the same size and shape.

2. Start from the bottom point of he heart (I found this the easiest place to start from because you can use the edge of the heart to guide you as you place your sequins).

3. Put a small bit of glue along the edge of the felt in a line about 1 inch /3 cm. Press a line of sequins into the glue.

3. Repeat all the way around the heart. I found it easiest to work in small sections at a time so I could get the placement of the sequins right.

4. Once you have covered the edge of the felt in a line of sequins continue the line inwards, overlapping the next line of sequins slightly over the first.

5. Repeat till you get to the centre. Cut off the ribbon and stick down the end with extra glue.

6. Add glue to the base of the shoe clips (in the tutorial I’m making a brooch, so I’m adding glue to the base of the brooch) and glue these to the back of the hearts.

7. Leave to dry according to what it recommends on the instructions (probably more than the 30minutes I left it). Then wear out on the town, for date night, a wedding, or just ’cause it’s Wednesday.

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    Ana Kamin

    Oh my gosh, I didn't know this was so easy. They look exact like the hearts. you know them?

    1. Reply

      You so called it! Ban-do was totally my inspiration!

      x Elena

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    Richelle Lynn Garn

    So stinking cute!! Thanks for sharing. I will be making these over the summer. xox
    Love, Richelle from Lynn + Lou

  3. Reply

    Delicious. There is something about sparkly and colourful shoes that can turn a grey day into a great day. Dorothy knew what she was doing.

  4. Reply
    Jess B-E

    These look great, and a lot easy to make than I would have realised!

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