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    I think I may join in but I am afraid of floral leggings. 🙂

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      I see your point. Floral leggings might not be for everyone. How about a black, navy, or maroon pair to start?

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    Rachel Louise

    I love your how to sew projects! I think it's wonderful how you share your knowledge with us 🙂 Much much muchly appreciated 🙂

    Rachel [at] AMomentInTime.


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      Thanks Rachel for the sweet comment! 🙂

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    Lexi H

    Sounds fab! I do have some fabric in mind – not floral but a silver print on black – lets call it abstract floral

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      I love a bit of abstract floral! 😉

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    Erin || Sewbon.com

    OooOOOOOoo! Floral leggings sound AMAZING! 🙂

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    Not sure if I will be able to get to it next week, but I do think I would like to try this project sometime soonish.

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    floral leggings – YES!

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    Just found this and I'm hoping I can keep track of your blog so that I see the other updates to this legging making! I'm planning to make my mom some leggings for Christmas, and um, I'll probably have to do a practice pair for myself 😉 Do you have any recommendations for types of fabric? Like really thick and warm fabric that is still stretchy enough to work as leggings?

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      Hooray for leggings as presents! You're mom will love them. I'd recommend using any stretch knit fabric with a good ammount of stretch. I used jersey with a 50% stretch and they worked out a treat! Good luck!

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